We’ve got good news for you if you’re still having withdrawals from Love Island.

Netflix has renewed the surprise smash hit show Too Hot To Handle for a second season.

The reality dating show was the number one most-watched show on Netflix during its first week when it launched last year.

The show turns the typical dating show rules upside down…. you win by not getting it on.

Sounds easy, right?

However, Netflix like to make things fiendishly difficult for the contestants. These aren’t just your Average Joe’s taking part, oh no. They make the beautiful Love Island lot look like the “before” picture in a makeover.

The show put 14 of the ‘sexiest people in the world’ on an island retreat.
So you have many beautiful people, on a stunning island in Mexico, so far, so normal.
The twist comes where they offer the contestants $100,000 if they can go without any sexual contact for the four weeks.

Virtual assistant Lana is the host. She  tells them about the conditions: ‘No kissing, or sex of any kind.’

What happens if the contestants can’t cope?

Every time they break the rules and engage in any sexual activity, money is deducted from the total prize money sum. Ouch.

It’s thought that the second season will follow in the same format.
It’s not just contestants from the UK either. The first series featured people from the UK, US and Australia.

Last time, 10 of the contestants split $75,000 of the remaining prize money.

Critical Reception

Despite the popularity on the Netflix charts, the first season had a mixed reception from reviewers.
Thousands of people might have watched it in the first week, but that doesn’t mean they all liked it.
Rotten Tomatoes gives the show a 35% rating, which is pretty bad.

John Serba is a critic at Decider and he advised viewers to give it a miss. He calls it ‘a mashup of Temptation IslandLove IslandThe Contest episode of Seinfeld and The Peter Griffin Sideboob Hour’. Some people would like that, to be honest.

He stuck the knife in further, writing: ‘To call it tawdry is to engage in nuclear understatement’. What was he expecting, Shakespeare?

Serba insisted it is ‘some of the dreckiest dreck ever drecked’.


Are you excited about a second season or do you just want Love Island back?

Image via Netflix