Netflix Has Revealed Their Top Ten Most-Watched Series And Films For The First Time

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Film, Netflix, TV
Published 10.05.19

The most-watched shows on Netflix this April have been revealed and there’s some surprises.

Netflix are usually pretty tight-lipped about what gets watched on their streaming service and by how many people, but for the first time they’ve released a definitive ranking of which shows have been watched most.

It’s a handy thing for Netflix to do as, if you’re anything like me, you don’t have enough time to work through every series they have to find one that you deem watchable.


With that said, I tend not to trust the public in what they like – BBC cancelled Shooting Stars for Miranda and Mrs Brown’s Boys holds a number of awards for some ungodly reason – but Netflix don’t often release bad content, so that softens the blow.

So here’s your top ten lists, divided into categories like series, documentaries and film…





I watched/played a few episodes of You vs The Wild the other day to see if I could kill Bear Grylls (I don’t have anything against him I was just hungover and took it out on him) but for some reason, he wasn’t up for recording a segment for Netflix where he literally dies because I thought it would be funny to make him sleep in a cave full of cougars.

Other than that, I’m really starting to think I’m in the wrong job because I’ve only watched about three other things from all of those lists, and two of them were in the cinema.

Why am I paying for Netflix?

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