Netflix Horror Documentary On America’s Haunted Places

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, TV
Published 29.11.19

Netflix are going to hit us with a horror documentary series on the most haunted places in America, which sounds like potentially the most money-safe project of all time.

Only the other day I was talking to my nerd girlfriend, asking whether or not she knew of any horror-ish documentaries that I could watch. A ghost story, perhaps. I’m not a fan or horror, but all of a sudden I got a hankering. She couldn’t help.

Course she couldn’t; all give and no take, with her. She’s going to read this.


A film?! Not even a good one. Christ.

Anyway, that was back in October. I said “only the other day,” but I lied. She couldn’t help me then, but if I asked her now, maybe she’s have some ideas.


Either that or she’d suggest Shark Tale or something, the idiot. She woke me up at 1am yesterday. I’m allowed to say all of this.

Anyway, with that, Netflix are set to release a new documentary series about all of America’s most haunted places and that sounds like it would be right up a lot of people’s streets.

As reported by Variety, the series of which we know very little will be a ‘gritty and meticulous study’ of some of ‘America’s most haunted locations’. This could include many, many places, from your run-of-the-mill stately homes, to battle grounds, to, say, your mum.


Who is directing the Netflix horror documentary?

If you’re unconvinced by the series thus far, then rest assured that it will be directed by Joe Berlinger, who was behind both Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, meaning he can do things that don’t involve Ted Bundy.

Speaking of their new projects, Gabe Spitzer, director of original documentaries at Netflix, said:

The Imagine team have quickly built a first-rate division working with many of the industry’s top documentary filmmakers.


We’re excited about the rich and compelling series coming to Netflix and look forward to sharing these with our members around the world.”

You sort of have to respect Netflix for sticking to what they’re good at. So many times you get a TV series that’s intensely popular, and other channels and streaming services try to copy the formula as best they can, resulting in shows that are both bad and unwatched.


Think of all of the Game of Thrones knock-offs. If people like Game of Thrones, they don’t then want to watch something that’s like Game of Thrones, but not as good.

Well done Netflix for not making some Mandalorian rip-off and instead just merging the two things they excel at; documentaries and horror.

We’ll give you more information on said horror documentary as and when we get it.

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