Netflix Just Cancelled Amazon’s ‘Good Omens’ After Christians Complained To Them

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 24.06.19

Uh oh. Netflix have cancelled Good Omens.

A group of Christian activists rallied to cancel Amazon Prime Video’s Good Omens, but they complained to the wrong company.

Amazon’s Good Omens released to pretty good reviews from both critics and the public, and other than a few mentions on a podcast I listen to and a heavy-handed advertising campaign at Waterloo Station, it more of less flew under the radar.

good omens complaint amazon

Sadly, a few people were offended, with a Christian activist group – fairly nefariously named ‘Return To Order’ – requesting that it was cancelled.

The complaints are mainly about how the main angel (played my Michael Sheen) and the main demon (David Tennant) have a close relationship, as well as God being portrayed by a woman. With that, a petition was started that soon gained over 20,000 signatures. The only issue? Yeah it was to the wrong company.

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Return to Order shared their grievances with Netflix, who obviously had nothing to do with the show.

The creator of the show, Neil Gaiman, found this out and decided to tweet about the affair…

With that, it was only a matter of time before Netflix themselves realised that a lot of fuss was accidentally being made about them, so they responded brilliantly to the petition…

They said:

ok we promise not to make any more

Very nice of them to oblige like that.

Hilariously, Amazon Prime Video then responded to Netflix, saying they’d cancel Stranger Things in return for Good Omens being cancelled…

The original petition has garnered over 21,000 signatures and has since been amended to address Amazon, rather than Netflix, which is a shame…

Not that it matters, but should I bother watching Good Omens?

I tried to watch the first episode with my dad but none of us could really get on with it. On a personal note, I hate Jack Whitehall, but apart from that, what I saw was just acres of exposition. You know that whole ‘show, don’t tell’ thing? They really flipped that on its head.

Subversion can be good – take the beginning of Endgame – but not in this way.

But anyway, finally a funny ‘cancelling’ story to come out of this year.

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