Netflix Officially Renews ‘You’ For Season 3 With Penn Badgley And Victoria Pedretti Returning

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Published 14.01.20

He’s back!

Netflix has officially picked up the Penn Badgley-led drama You for a third season

EW reports:

Season 3 will feature 10 new episodes from executive producers Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, with both Badgley and season 2 addition Victoria Pedretti set to reprise their roles as Joe and Love, the soon-to-be parents. Although Kepnes is currently finishing up a third book, it’s yet to be known just how much the show will follow it, particularly given the changes the show has already made to the story.

It was thought it would be coming back for a third season after co-creator and executive producer Sera Gamble told Cosmopolitan:

“Absolutely it could come back for season three.

“First of all, it’s up to the powers that be. We hope that a lot of people will watch the show and that it gets to continue.

“I will say that we have an idea for season three that is SO exciting that people talk about it in the [writer’s] room everyday. So my fingers are crossed… I’ll just say, I hope we get the chance to keep making the show.”

This comes after Netflix recently released a clip of You without Joe’s narration and it’s genuinely one of the creepiest things committed to film in the world of fiction.

Somehow Joe from You has become a fan favourite, despite being an awful man and even when he’s not murdering, he’s being dangerously creepy.

I mean it’s Penn Badgley, isn’t it? It’s because he’s a handsome man that he can get away with playing a total creep. No-one looks at Anthony Hopkins’s Hannibal Lecter and goes “ooh choke me, daddy” because, well, it’s Anthony Hopkins.

It’s the charisma. It’s his voiceover during him doing untoward things that sort of detracts from the unsettling actions. But what happens when you get rid of that voiceover? Something weird happens.

What started as third-party voyeurism turns into first hand voyeurism and something that we really wish we weren’t a part of. It’s bizarre and as I said earlier, very unsettling…

So creepy.

When is You season 3 released?

Anyway, You season 3 will be landing on Netflix in 2021