I Am A Killer Is Getting A Follow Up Series About A Cold Blooded Murderer

There’s a lot of stuff on Netflix I enjoy.

Recently, Tiger King, Ozark, The Last Dance, Unorthodox and The Midnight Gospel have been among some of my most-watched shows, and in honesty kept me entertained during this period of lockdown.

However, (and I know this might be controversial given how much we have to write about it) but I cannot get on with the true-crime stuff.

It’s just complete overload, and impossible to keep up with.

Obviously I have seen my fair share of true-crime docs on there, no matter how samey they are, and one of the better ones was I Am A Killer, which consisted of interviews with criminals who are serving time for various different murders.

Twitter was genuinely enamoured with the show when it first arrived, and presumably off the back of its popularity, producerr Znak & Co is making a three-part follow up.

The series will tell the story of Dale Wayne Sigler who was sentenced to death thirty years ago for a cold-blooded murder he admitted to committing.

Shot on location in Texas and produced over a three-year period, the series will follow Sigler, after spending more than half of his life behind bars, as he released back into the world.

I AM A Killer: released netflix

As Sigler begins to adjust on the outside, he addresses the life he took as well as the one he lost and reveals his true motive for committing the brutal crime, which is shockingly different to the reason the world always believed.

The series will be titled A Killer Uncaged when it airs on Sky Crime, on 28th June, but for reasons unknown it’ll be called I Am A Killer: Released when it airs internationally on Netflix.

Presumably it’s to let us know it’s part of the I Am A Killer franchise which Netflix must exclusively own.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something to whet your true-crime appetite, check out The Innocence Files, which is comprised of nine episodes that focus on eight wrongful convictions.

The documentary not only talks to the people wrongfully convicted, but also delves into the irreparable damage to their families, friends, and the victims involved. Along with them, the tireless efforts of non-profit organisations who sought to help people who were innocent are also showcased.

the innocence files netflix

Co-founders of The Innocence Project – one of the non-profit organisations that helped those wrongfully convicted – Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck said:

We are thrilled to be part of the groundbreaking Netflix series, ‘The Innocence Files’.

This is truly important television. Each episode reveals – step by step – how the American criminal justice system gets it wrong. These stories feature people whose freedom was stolen because of governments’ reliance on junk science, discredited and suggestive eyewitness identification procedures, and prosecutors who engage in misconduct to win at any cost.

You can watch the whole series on Netflix now before I Am A Killer: Released arrives on June 28th.

Images via Netflix