Netflix’s New Controversial Teen Rom-Com ‘Tall Girl’ Is Dividing The Internet Before It’s Even Released

Sophie WatsonSophie Watson in Entertainment, Film, TV
Published 04.09.19

Netflix’s new teenage rom-com ‘Tall Girl’ is already dividing the internet before its release as Twitter users claim this isn’t a group that needs representing ‘ASAP’.

We all remember what high school was like – horrible kids, name calling, and ridiculously long queues into the dinner hall. For some people, it was a pretty tough time in their lives, especially for those who perhaps looked a bit different to everyone else. I remember when a girl in my year (we were in year eight at the time) got called ugly for having a pink back pack, which makes me think everyone was vulnerable to some kind of nasty, and highly unnecessary comments at some point. It was a lovely back pack.

Recently, Netflix released the movie trailer for ‘Tall Girl’ (which you can watch above) in preparation for its release next week on Friday 13 September.

The chick flick stars Ava Michelle Cota as Jodi, a 6 foot 1 high school student who is picked on, simply for being tall.

However, like a lot of things, this didn’t come without controversy as people are taking to Twitter suggesting that this isn’t a group that needs to be represented immediately.

In the trailer Jodi compares herself to her older beauty-queen sister Harper, who is of course, smaller than her. However, luck may be on Jodi’s side in the end as she meets an exchange student who is actually taller than her. Aww, I really hope this film has a happy ending.

Portrayed as a coming of age movie, some people really aren’t impressed.

In fact, some people literally cannot believe this is a real film, and not a joke…

However, the debate over whether height discrimination is really that much of a pressing issue is causing even more outrage, as people defend the idea of tall people having their own struggles.

Isn’t any kind of discrimination worth talking about?

This has encouraged other tall girls to speak out and share their experiences.

I must say, being a 6 foot tall woman myself, and ‘the only tall girl’ in high school, it definitely wasn’t an easy ride and didn’t come without name calling, and things being thrown at me, like a half eaten cheese sandwich. *shudders*.

However, everyone has different experiences – but just because you don’t see it happening – doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Some tall people in high school might not have had a bad word said about them – but there is always some sort of stigma attached to a minority group. That’s why I believe it’s important that all people get represented, and though that grinds some gears, that includes tall people too. Having said that, the trending discussions on Twitter are only raising awareness – and that can only be a good thing.

I’ll definitely be giving this a watch.