Netflix’s New Thriller ‘Unforgettable’ Is Even Creepier Than ‘You’ Season Two

Sarah O NeillSarah O Neill in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 03.01.20

2020 is already churning out fantastic TV, and Netflix is once again at the front of the pack.

But if you left 2019 thinking “man, I think Queer Eye is a little bit too great and wholesome, I think I need something that will keep me up for three days”, then the streaming platform has you covered.

And if you have already finished ‘You’ season 2, then it’s even more perfect, as Netflix is about to release Unforgettable – which further explores the terrifying niche of social media stalking.


Netflix really seems to know its audience well.

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Staring Rosario Dawson as Julia Banks, Unforgettable has plenty of the themes which made You so creepy.

Jealousy, stalking, people staring into windows or menacingly polishing weapons – it has it all.

Originally released in 2017, the film follows Julia attempting to build a life with her soon-to-be-fiance, David. After meeting his ex-wife, Tessa, she falls into a series of traps set by the spurned woman.


The film opens with Julia being questioned over the murder of her psychotic ex, Michael, with a trail of social media messages linking her to the crime.

The film flashes back six months, to the idyllic life she lived before with David and his daughter.

Unable to cope after the end of the marriage two years earlier, Tessa sets out to make her life a misery. Learning of her history with an abusive ex-boyfriend, Tessa uses the expiration of his restraining order to terrorise Julia.

She sets up a Facebook account impersonating Julia, and messages Micheal to lure him back. With a web of stories, identities, and twists, the film culminates in the bloody consequences of Tessa’s lies.


People are already rushing to Twitter to praise the flick.

If you love watching YOU go watch the film Unforgettable, if you haven’t watched already!” one viewer wrote.

Another posted: “Watching Unforgettable lol these type of films are my guilty pleasure”

A third impressed user urged people to watch, saying “Give this #Unforgettable on @NetflixUK a go!”

When is Unforgettable on Netflix?

Unforgettable arrives on January 6th, 2020.


But if you still haven’t watched season two of You – because you’ve been ‘enjoying the festive season’ with ‘friends and family who enjoy having you around’, or whatever – it’s up on Netflix now. With a new series possibly on the horizon, you better catch up.

People have already reported being physically sick at that scene. You’ll know it when you see it.

Reviews are already flooding in.

Like I said #YOUSEASON2 is incredible. But I really need to yell about *that* moment in episode 2 that almost made me puke. It is ART. And it is SO WRONG. I can NEVER UNSEE IT.”

OMFG I know what scene you’re talking about and I was EATING WHEN I SAW IT. I won’t be eating ever again.”


A third said “Thank god im vegetarian”.

Hm, sounds painful.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.