Netflix’s New True Crime Documentary On Death Row Killers Is Going Down An Absolute Storm

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 08.08.19

I Am A Killer is Netflix’s latest true crime documentary and people absolutely love it.

Netflix, man, I’m sort of considering ending my subscription with them. Obviously if you’re here on this article then you’re a fan of true crime, but I just can’t get on the back of it.

You know, you see all of the stuff that Disney have in stall for the upcoming Disney+ and it’s clear that they’re coming for Netflix’s crown, but I genuinely think they should worry more about Amazon Prime Video.

Umbrella Academy was real bad compared to The Boys and it looks like, for now at least, all Netflix has to fall back on is their endless conveyer belt of true crime documentaries and dramas.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re good at it, but there’s surely only so much longer this kind of thing can stay popular for…

With that in mind, people online appear to be completely enamoured with Netflix’s latest addition to that particular genre, with I Am A Killer taking the world [Twitter] by storm.

The show interviews several criminals from prison who are serving for various different murders. They’re asked about their background, their motivation and what it’s like to live on death row now.

The prisoners’ stances all range from deep regret to no remorse. For instance, David Lewis admits:

I wish I could take back what I did. If I could I would in a heartbeat. After all this time of thinking about it, I know what it means to live now.

Meanwhile, James Robertson declared he felt no guilt at all, not regretting what he did.

Miguel Angel Martinez was also interviewed as the youngest person to ever be sentenced to death in Texas history for a triple axe murder with Miguel Venegas and Milo Flores, with whom he bonded over drugs.

He explained:

Milo [was wealthy] and had the means to get drugs. That was what joined us: smoking marijuana and doing cocaine.

He went on to say how the murder wasn’t planned, when he was originally just intending to steal things in order to sell for drugs. Things turned bad when Venegas fell to “satanic desires”.

We decided to go to that house. It was supposed to be what we had done before. Nobody home, go in and take something.”

Martinez added that they brought baseball bats, knives and axes with them. They were given the keys to the place they broke into by a young pastor, who later became one of their victims.

I think it can be considered him seeing somebody that needed a father, or somebody that was disadvantaged and trying to help,” Martinez admitted.

When we got to the house I had a bad feeling. Venegas walks over [and] when he came back he told me there’s somebody in the house, which was a surprise. My thoughts were to get away…there was something that changed with Venegas. He was on a mission, and it was not to go steal anything…to him, he was on a mission from Satan.

Martinez then said how he was goaded into killing people in the house by Venegas, saying that at the time, he genuinely believed that the devil would kill him if he didn’t follow through on his murders.

One of the officers who worked on the case said of it, “The level of violence was incredible…their bodies, their heads were smashed. In the master bedroom…the crucifix had been turned upside down.

Terrifying stuff.

You can watch I am a Killer on Netflix now.

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