Netflix’s Terrifying Psychological Thriller ‘Chambers’ Has Just Landed

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Entertainment, Netflix, TV
Published 26.04.19

Oh boy, this one’s going to be a good one.

Usually I don’t go for this kind of stuff because, you know, wimp, but ever since I can remember I’ve had a dangerous obsession with Uma Thurman.


It’s because of the whole Poison Ivy thing.

At the moment, Netflix are like that brooding, moody teenager, only dressing in black and listening to death metal; all they seem to be pumping out is true crime series and dark, psychological thrillers.


Just sayin’.

With what I’ve literally just said in mind, it’ll come as no surprise that another dark, psychological thriller has landed on the service. In fact, it dropped earlier today.

It’s called Chambers and it has the aforementioned Uma staring in it. The series follows a heart attack and transplant survivor who begins to take on the personality and memories of her donor. Obsessed with the changes in her behaviour, Uma’s character starts to investigate the mysterious death of the donor.

Here’s the synopsis:

“Sasha is a young teen whose heart stops and she immediately gets a new donor heart. After her heart transplant, she doesn’t feel the same. Haunted by eerie visions and sinister impulses, she tries to unmask the truth behind her donor’s mysterious death.”

And heeeeeeere’s the trailer!

I’m liking the look of this. I’m liking the look of this a lot.


So basically a young heart attack victim named Sasha visits grieving couple, promising to honour their late daughter’s memory.

All goes to sh*t though when she starts developing new personality traits linked to the deceased victim – leading to all sorts of terrifying visions.

Speaking about the series, show creator, Rachel Leah, said: “At the heart of it all, just to be really cheesy, it’s a story about identity, and female identity, and adolescent female identity – which is a psychological horror in itself.

“Even though this story obviously has such huge stakes and goes into the supernatural and horror realms, it’s a story about a girl fighting to retain her identity in a world that’s trying to tell her who she is.”


I don’t mean to be gross but I’m an organ donor and I’d feel really sorry for anyone getting my pathetic innards. And you absolutely wouldn’t want to inherit my traits either – trust me, I’ve been trying to suppress and eradicate them for 26 years now.

It’s an interesting concept, and all the more terrifying considering that everyone in the UK will become organ donors in 2020 unless they opt out.

Maybe this is a look behind the curtain into a terrible, dystopian future.

Scary thought for you early this Friday morning…

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