New £75 Million Indiana Jones-Inspired Water Park Is Coming To The UK

Elisabeth ReeveElisabeth Reeve in News, UK
Published 29.08.19

The UK is getting it’s biggest water park yet!

Coming to Bournemouth, eager fans are comparing it already to “something out of Indiana Jones” and from the looks of the pics, you’d have to agree.

The Elysium Waterpark, named after the Greek afterlife, is set to cover 75 acres of land across the New Forest/ Poole area. While it is still in the early stages of design, the already released artwork and concepts herald an incredible vision for the park.

What will be in the Indiana Jones Water Park?

Set indoors, the park is packed with a variety of water rides, including, slides, rapids, variety of swimming pools as well as tranquil flora setting the landscape.

Oh, and the flumes will also be transparent so that when you’re racing down the slides you’ll get to enjoy views of the park (or realise just how high up you are!).

Much like other major parks within the UK, Elysium is looking to integrate VR and AR experiences to bring “one-of-a-kind thrill that’ll keep evolving”. The concept art looks quite reminiscent of the large tropical biomes at the Eden Project, located in Cornwall, which would suggest guests would look forward to an all year round summer vacation within the UK park.

And the fun don’t stop there, people, as there’s also a  ‘water-based spa’ for the adults to relax in if water sports are not your cup of tea.

Taking inspiration from other European waterparks, the wellness and beauty spa will offer a range of facilities including saunas, spas, massage and beauty treatments, and exercise and dance options; all you could ever want from a spa holiday.

Plus, there’s a lagoon area with five different wave levels so you can float about until your heart’s content!

When is the Indiana Jones inspired water park open?

Additionally, the park will be offering dining options, hotels and eco-lodges to allow guests to enjoy the park for extended visits. When it’s finished, Elysium will boast a capacity for 4,000 visitors a day, and it’s expected to welcome around one million guests every year.

Unfortunately, as excited as we can be by all these amazing experiences, the park is projected to be opened in 2023, and that’s if it officially obtains planning permission.

In the meantime, I heard that Dubai is working on one of the biggest water parks on the planet.

You could always try there first.

Images via Elyisum Waterpark/Facebook