New ‘Aladdin’ Trailer Shows Will Smith’s Genie Finally In Action

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Published 11.02.19
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Aladdin has got to be one of my favourite Disney films ever.

The original 1992 film – made famous by Robin William’s iconic performance as Genie – is an absolute masterpiece, although I’m ashamed to admit that Hook writer and general fool Alfie Powell has never seen it.

In case you’ve forgotten, Aladdin tells the story of a street rat who falls in love with Princess Jasmine (my first crush), and together with a magic Genie, a flying carpet and a monkey sidekick, they must stop evil sorcerer Jafar from taking over the kingdom.

Anyway, Disney are rebooting it and last year dropped a teaser trailer and the first ‘look’ at Will Smith’s lamp-dweller.

People hated it and thought he looked like he belonged in a Christmas panto.

Thankfully, though, the final ‘blue’ version is much more in keeping with the original film, as the latest full trailer reveals.

Check it out below:

The CGI looks… bad.

Like The Rock in the Scorpion King bad.

At least he’s in keeping with the original depiction of the character, ponytail and everything.

However, plenty of fans, like myself, aren’t convinced by the new Genie, giving him the meme treatment and pointing out the resemblance to Arrested Development‘s Tobias Funke.

Others just flat out hate it.

The more you look at it the more it weirds you out.

Speaking about the role,Smith told Entertainment Tonight:

“I was terrified doing the Genie after Robin Williams.

“But I found a lane that pays homage. It is my own thing, you know? So, I think people are going to love it.

He continued: “It’s one of the greatest filmmaking experiences that I have ever had.

“I have worked at most of the studios, and Disney just knows what they are doing

“It was really a spectacular team of people that came together around a classic story. It’s so spectacular, it’s such a beautiful movie and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Directed by Snatch‘s Guy Ritchie, Aladdin is set for release on May 24th.

I’ll reserve my judgement until I’ve actually seen it.

Please be good.

Images via Disney/YouTube/Twitter

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