New Cast Of ‘Love Island’ Includes Twins, Rochelle Humes’ Sister And Lewis Capaldi’s Ex

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Published 06.01.20

New Love Island Cast Includes Twins, Rochelle Humes’ sister and Lewis Capaldi’s ex

Well, January just got a whole lot hotter.

Twelve brand-new Islanders have been confirmed!

And it looks like ITV has pulled out all the stops to ensure that this year’s line-up truly delivers television gold. This year’s Love Island cast is made up of Rochelle Humes’ sister, Lewis Capaldi’s ex, an heir to a country estate, as well as a police officer (who can arrest me anytime he wants to *swoon*), 20-year-old twins, a coffee bean salesman, a customer service advisor, a scaffolder, a democratic services officer, a builder and a beauty consultant.


A reminder that these new Islanders are all looking for love and definitely not five minutes of fame and a cheeky Instagram sponsorship deal. Just to clear up any confusion there.

I know it confuses me too, sometimes.

Meet your Winter Love Islanders!


Siânnise, 25

Full name: Siânnise Fudge

Age: 25

From: Bristol


Occupation: Beauty consultant

Best quote so far: “Having the second name Fudge does make me feel really unique. I absolutely don’t like fudge!”

Paige, 22

Full name: Paige Turley

Age: 22

From: West Lothian

Occupation: Singer


Fun fact: Paige is the ex-girlfriend of singer, Lewis Capaldi. She also auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent at age 14 and got through to the semi-finals.

Best quote so far: “I’m naturally flirty, I think it’s nice to flirt, it feels good.”

Sophie, 21

Full name: Sophie Piper

Age: 21

From: Essex

Occupation: Medical PA


Fun fact: Sophie is the sister of ex-Saturdays band member and TV presenter Rochelle Humes.

Best quote so far: “I just want to find someone. I just want to look at them and just think, ‘wow, you are amazing and I want to spend the rest of my life with you’. Sorry, I just made myself cringe!”

Eve and Jess, 20

Full name: Eve and Jess Gale

Age: 20

From: London


Occupation: Students and VIP hostesses

Best quote so far: “We like really confident guys. If he was to go to the club, like, not the guy standing in the corner, like, the guy dancing.” I really hope they get up to some Parent Trap s**t in the house. Come on ITV producers, work some magic.

Callum, 23

Full name: Callum Jones

Age: 23

From: Manchester


Occupation: Scaffolder

Best quote so far: “Get me in that villa! Let me see the girls!” At least he’s honest.

Mike, 24

Full name: Mike Boateng

Age: 24

From: London

Occupation: Police officer


Best quote so far: “I’ll be that guy; you know, that Officer Mike you can lean on.”

Nas, 23

Full name: Nas Majeed

Age: 23

From: London


Occupation: Sports science graduate and builder

Best quote so far: “I’d say I’m a good boyfriend because, as I said, I’m really caring and considerate, but I guess I can’t be that great if I’m still single so…”

Ollie, 23

Name: Ollie Williams

Age: 23

From: Cornwall


Occupation: Heir to the Lanhydrock Estate. Apparently, that’s a job.

Best quote so far: “…wouldn’t harm if she had a grouse moor as well…” Absolutely, no idea.

Leanne, 22

Full name: Leanne Amaning

Age: 22

From: London


Occupation: Customer service advisor

Best quote so far: “…not sensitive, ’cause I literally will offend you straight away. I’m just, like, savage.”

Connor, 25

Full name: Connor Durman

Age: 25

From: Brighton


Occupation: Coffee bean salesman

Best quote so far: “Since I got these teeth, I’ve been pulling so many more birds.”

Shaughna, 25

Full name: Shaughna Phillips

Age: 25

From: London

Occupation: Democratic services officer

Best quote so far: “[You need to be] nice to mum, ’cause if you don’t get on with Tracy then there’s no future.”

What can we expect from the show?

ITV has confirmed:

Laura [Whitmore] will present the main show which airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2 as regular presenter Caroline Flack stands down for this series. Laura will also host Love Island: Aftersun, which will air on ITV2 live from London on Monday nights at 10pm.

“The first series of the year comes from a brand new location and villa in Cape Town where a host of new Islanders will try to win the hearts of each other – and the nation – in the ultimate search for love.”

Love Island launches on Sunday 12th January on ITV2.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this show, but I can’t argue that it’s going to help keep me entertained  at a time when I can’t afford to leave to the house. F**k you, January. 

Images via ITV