New Channel 4 Drag Queen Makeover Docuseries Is Being Compared To ‘Queer Eye’

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, TV
Published 25.06.19

Channel 4’s new drag makeover show looks pretty incredible and people are already likening it to Queer Eye.

We all love Queer Eye. That’s a general rule of thumb with life. Previously my only experience with the show was that episode of South Park where the fab five turned out to be crab people, but it turns out it’s actually nothing like that.

The reboot came to Netflix and almost instantly received more praise than you could have believed and eventually I decided to watch it when I was waiting for my mates to come over. I loved it.

I still maintain the the best episode is the first one, with lovely Tom Jackson, but in general they’re all pretty feel good.

tom jackson queer eye

With that, we obviously want more and putting a new spin on things, Channel 4 have come up with Drag SOS.

In what’s already being compared to Netflix’s Queer EyeDrag SOS see six Manchester-based drag queens (knows as the Family Gorgeous) travel the UK to help people deal with confidence and body issues.

Have a watch of the trailer…

I mean it looks heartwarming as anything. Exactly what we all want.

The official synopsis reads:

Drag collective the Family Gorgeous help unlikely protégées to unlock their long-lost confidence and become bolder, braver drag-enhanced versions of themselves – all with a generous splash of glitter.

drag sos new queer eye

To get an idea of what you can expect from the show, the first episode sees Anna Phylactic work with a father to help understand and nurture his son’s own drag aspirations, while Liquorice Black helps a student deal with body confidence issues.

You know the bit in The IT Crowd were they go to the theatre and the man introduces the play by yelling “welcome to the United QUEENDOM!”?

drag sos channel 4

There’s traces of that when the Family Gorgeous sing their own version of the United Kingdom’s national anthem, singing:

God save all gracious queens, long live all noble queens, God save all queens. Reveal our inner strength and give us confidence, together we’re glorious…

Well this look fantastic and more good news, it’s out tonight (25th June) at 10pm.

Be there.

Images via Netflix, Channel 4