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New McDonald's Ad By Hot Fuzz Director Edgar Wright Shows No Food Or Restaurants


The new McDonald's ad by Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright shows no food or restaurants. Despite not including any food, restaurants, or even a spoken word, a new McDonald's advertisement has been acclaimed as "excellent."

A new McDonald's ad by Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright shows no food or restaurants but people are still loving it. It's safe to say that everyone loves the brand-new fast food ad that Edgar Wright, the director of Shaun of the Dead, created. You can watch it here.

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In the advertisement, coworkers agree to leave the workplace and go to a Maccies by only raising their eyebrows. For the first time ever, the "Raise Your Arches" ad doesn't show food or a restaurant. However, its simple idea and skillful execution have made it popular.

"Probs the best ad I've seen in years,"one viewer tweeted. |One more said: "I'm lovin' it. The new ad, that is. Perfect."

An additional third added: "Edgar Wright is a film genius. This is the same as Christmas ads, they often don't show you products to buy they are made to evoke feelings of happiness / Christmas spirit. A lot of the time the best advertising is brand identity rather than 'buy this product'."

When he saw the project on paper, according to Wright, he was convinced. He remembered:

As soon as I read the script I was like, 'Oh, I love this song, I love this premise. This will be a lot of fun.'- Edgar Wright

Chaka Sobhani, the chief creative officer at the advertising firm Leo Burnett UK and Global, says that Wright is a master at getting people to pay attention.

She said:

An invitation to McDonald's is an opportunity to put our responsibilities aside and enjoy a little lift. And we hope Raise Your Arches does exactly that, allowing everyone to momentarily let go of life's pressures and enjoying a Maccers.

We were beyond excited to work with the brilliant Edgar Wright to bring this idea to life, from the visual look and feel he creates to what he does with musicand choreography, he's got that knack of making work that grabs your attention for all the right reasons.

We're always looking at ways to raise a smile and create big populist entertainmentfor Maccers and in the hands of Edgar, we hope we've created something that does both.

McDonald's UK & Ireland's Michelle Graham-Clare, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, continued:

In a challenging time, our Raise Your Arches invitation to McDonald's provides the nation with a small but much-needed moment to let go and feel good. We hope the campaign raises arches and smiles across the country and I can't wait to see everyone get involved.- Michelle Graham-Clare


The well-known director of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, Edgar Wright, has created a McDonald's commercial that lasts one minute. The well-known fast food restaurant hired the filmmaker to create a brief TV commercial.

But that new McDonald's ad by Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright shows no food or restaurants. It is weirdbut people are still loving it.

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