New Netflix Crime Drama Starring David Tennant Is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen

Dylan JenkinsDylan Jenkins in Entertainment, Netflix, UK
Published 08.09.19

Netflix have released the trailer for their new, exclusive show, Criminal. The thrilling crime series contains numerous big names and has already caused a frenzy on social media. 

The show, mostly set in various interrogation rooms, tells 12 individual crime stories. Sounds pretty standard so far, right?

But the twist is that they’re spread between 4 different countries, Spain, France, Germany, and the UK – with each episode telling a different story.


Netflix are clearly looking to innovate the crime genre with this unique show, bringing in some pretty huge names for the UK’s portion of the show, which will be directed by Jim Field Smith.

Check out the trailer here:

The creative thoughts behind the programme are those of George Kay, writer of Killing Eve, with Criminal set to revitalise the cat-and-mouse drama.

One of the main reasons I’ll be watching is the cast. The three cases set in the U.K. will include Line of Duty’s Rochenda Sandall, Youssef Kerkour, Marvel star Hayley Atwell and last but certainly not least, the best actor in the world, David Tennant.

By the way, when is Mr Tennant getting his knighthood? The Doctor Who legend has already proved a big selling point for Netflix fans, mainly because of his fantastic beard, his great Scottish accent, and his good looks, not jealous at all…

Netflix has called the show a “stripped down cat-and-mouse drama” focusing on “the intense mental conflict between the police officer and the suspect in question”. Each of the 4 different countries will use talent from their respective countries, proving its uniqueness once again and each episode will also be in its native language.


Every episode takes place inside an interrogation room, observation booth and corridor, meaning that it will have to rely on the cultural differences to make each episode exciting.


Speaking to Variety, the director of the Spanish episodes explained: “The police and the accused behave differently in different countries since they come from different cultures, and that for me was very enriching, innovative, original”.

The trailer for the three UK cases shows David Tennant being interrogated by police for murdering his teenage step-daughter. But his character won’t give up any information – replying with “no comment” to every question. Doctor Who as a murderer!? He’s gone from saving the world as an alien to saving a town as a detective to murdering his teenage step-daughter.


Quite the arc.

Criminal is released on Netflix on the 20th of September.

This one looks like a belter.