New Netflix Documentary About Rise And Fall Of New York Mafia Is Coming

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 15.07.20

A new Netflix Documentary about the rise and fall of the New York Mafia is coming.

Sounds juicy, eh? To be honest, I’m just looking forward to some classic over the top Italian America accents. FORGEDABOUDIT! That kind of thing.

Anyway, the new Netflix documentary is coming, and is called Fear City: New York vs. the Mafia which, as you may expect, is about the battle between New York government officials and organised crime.

The ‘Five Families’ are the talking point of the new three-part true crime documentary and more specifically, the Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese and Luccese families.

The documentary comes from the producers of Don’t F**k With Cats, and tells of the Mafia bosses who together controlled unions, high-rise construction sites and many, many other industries.

In classic documentary style, Fear City will feature brand new interviews and reenactments, news footage from the time, archive footage and more excitingly, unheard surveillance recordings.

Fear City new netflix documentary

The synopsis for the mini-series reads:

In the 70s, New York was owned by the Mob. From the producers of Don’t F**k With Cats, comes the inside story of the rise and fall of New York’s most powerful Mafia families and the end of the golden era of the Mob. With the full might of the FBI and an army of undercover agents, witness the bugging, the investigation, and the era-defining conclusion of the historic Mafia Commission Trial that changed everything“.

Meanwhile, director Sam Hobkinson spoke about how he viewed New York when he was growing up during the time of the Five Families, telling Rolling Stone:

You wouldn’t go there, because everyone said it was too dangerous — and for that reason, it was exotic. So this was an opportunity to tell a panoramic tale of New York, from the wiseguys on the streets all the way up to the lawmakers in City Hall, at this most dramatic point in its history“.

You’ll be able to watch Fear City on Netflix from the 22nd July.