New Photos From ‘You’ Season Two Suggest Another Action-Packed Season Ahead

Olivia MulliganOlivia Mulligan in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 03.12.19

It’s one of the most highly anticipated shows returning to Netflix this year, with the second season set to be ‘scarier’ and ‘gorier’ than the first.

Fans are hugely excited to see the next part of scheming psychopath Joe Goldberg’s story… and who could be his next victim…

I watched the first season of You both with the volume down during those creepy psycho moments, and with a sense of fascination as to how clever Joe Goldberg is.


Here’s your crash-course recap: He ‘fell in love’ (became obsessed) with aspiring writer Guinevere Beck and started stalking her, kidnapped and killed her boyfriend Benji, and also killed her best-friend Peach, before finally killing Beck  and framing it on her psychiatrist Dr Nicky.

Ever since that final episode, where we saw Beck desperately trying to escape from Joe’s murderous clutches, we’ve been desperate for answers.

We know season two will move the scene from New York to Los Angeles, where Joe moves to start over after killing former girlfriend Beck.

The official Twitter page has been teasing fans recently with the release of several photos from the production of the second season, and we’re not sure whether they’re answering our questions, or creating more…

The Return of Candace

Here, we see Joe (Penn Badgley) sitting with his ex-girlfriend Candace (Ambyr Childers) in what looks like a moving conversation.

Candace made an appearance in the closing scenes of the show’s finale, leaving a very shocked Joe as a result.


Why? Because Joe thought he had killed her.

In season two we’ll undoubtedly be seeing a lot of the mysterious Candace and hopefully finding out why  she came to find him after being his almost-victim, whether she follows him to LA, and whether she’s out to get him back, or, maybe even help him?

Love Quinn- Joe’s next victim?

Love Quinn is a new character being introduced to us in season two, played by Victoria Pedretti – previously starring in The Haunting of Hill House.

We’re told she’s an aspiring chef working in an LA grocery store. When she meets Joe, she’s dealing with a huge recent loss and senses that Joe has been through something similar too.

While she’s a likely fit for Joe’s next love interest, it’s not yet clear whether they will have a romantic relationship or something different.


Executive Producer Sera Gamble, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, said:

“I will say that Love is a person he could only have met after what happened between him and Beck.

And by the way, Joe is not out there looking for love. He’s truly heartbroken by what has happened, and so what Love offers is a different kind of friendship and a different kind of relationship.”

Only time will tell, however, if Love becomes aware of his sinister secrets, and escapes him before he finds out…

Or, is Joe truly starting over, and trying to change?

There’s A Comedian In The Works…

Comedian Chris D’Elia joins the cast as Henderson, a character described by producer as “an uberfamous comedian and known good guy”.

In this scene, supposedly-reforming-Joe appears to be meeting him at a party.


Other than that there’s not a great lot known about how Henderson will fit in with Joe’s story, and yet again whether or not he will find out about his dark secrets.

Joe Goldberg- A Killer Exposé?

Carmela Zumbado joins the cast as Delilah Alves, an investigative reporter, who becomes ‘dangerously interested’ in her new neighbour Joe Goldberg.

As she becomes more suspicious of Joe, she’ll become quite a crucial character for us in showing whether we’ll see Joe’s sinister secrets exposed – potentially on a national scale.


A Taste of His Own Medicine?

Jenna Ortega brings us another new character in season two named Ellie. The character is allegedly a young con artist who makes herself act and appear older than she is.

In order to take care of herself in the city, she must do whatever she can to make money, even if this means scamming anyone (even unknown killers) that you meet.


Ellie will prove another interesting character, leaving open the possibility that Joe might actually find out what it means to be deceived…

Will Joe’s Past Return To Catch Up On Him?

The question at the centre of it all really. It seems like even by moving to another city to start over, Joe’s past HAS to catch up on him at some point, unless he’s actually watched How To Get Away With Murder.

Executive Producer Sera Gamble has told The Hollywood Reporter that Peach’s family has hired an investigator to look into her death for a start, and that there could still be evidence in her house.

She also said Dr Nicky is ‘ardently protesting his innocence’ in prison after being framed by Joe for Beck’s death, which could pose another problem for Joe as he attempts to make a fresh start in LA.


What about Paco – the young boy who lived in Joe’s building who be befriended? As a witness to Beck’s death he also remains a crucial character as we head into the next season.

What we know for sure, is that we’re in for another riveting season…

The show returns on December 26th this year on Boxing Day, so you’ll be able to gather your Christmas dinner leftovers and settle in for another creepy season.

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