New Reality TV Show Is On The Hunt For Britain’s Loudest Snorers

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Published 22.08.19

New Reality TV Show Is On The Hunt For Britain’s Loudest Snorers

Snoring. That annoying thing you do but don’t know you do unless you share a room with someone.

Despite my inhuman beak of a nose, I haven’t really had that much problem with snoring myself, but I seem to be surrounded by people who do. My dad’s snore rings across the valley like an air-raid siren from midnight to dawn, which is undoubtedly the cause of insomnia for many in his town.

But if you’re a snorer and it affects your relationship with your partner, fear not. A new reality show is set to film in September that focuses on people that are affected by the insufferable snoring of their partners.


If you’re tired, cranky and in need of a little extra coin, it might be worth signing up to star in the show. Who knows, they might provide expert advice on how to manage it, like Embarrassing Bodies. Alternatively, they could exploit your problem for comedic effect, like An Idiot Abroad. Either way, you’d be revealing to the nation an intimate secret you probably hoped would stay between you and your partner, but at least you’d get paid.

As of yet, the exact nature of the production is unknown and all we know is what we’ve been told by a spokesman for the production company, Firecracker Films, who said:

‘Is your partner’s snoring ruining your life? Is sleep a long and distant memory? Are you at the end of your tether? If so, we want to hear from you. Firecracker Films is making an exciting new show for a major terrestrial broadcaster and we’re looking to find some of Britain’s biggest and loudest snorers. We want to hear from partners who’ve simply had enough.’

Snoring has become one of those standard human problems that doesn’t seem to have a cure, no matter how many hair curlers you tape to your back or how many pillows prop your head up as you sleep. But thanks to recent discoveries, it looks like an actual cure might be on the way. Earlier this year, it was discovered that you can buy a pineapple pot plant from Asda that has proven to help you stop snoring should you keep it near as you sleep.


Scientists at NASA have found that pineapple plants help to reduce snoring thanks to their ability to release oxygen during the night, which only adds to the widely held belief that pineapple is indeed the best fruit.

Whether it features on this new show remains to be seen.

For those that care, Firecracker also produced much loved shows like The Sex Clinic and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, so it’s probably worth the watch.

Now that Big Brother is no more and I’m a Celeb is only on once a year, viewers will be hungry for some more cringe-worthy escapades from fame hungry randomers fighting and arguing like caged bears in a Russian zoo, selling their souls for a couple of weeks’ worth Twitter and YouTube fame.

To apply to feature on the show, fill in the application form here, but not participants must be over 18 and filing is due to start in September.

So if you are someone who’s worried the insomnia brought on by their partner’s incessant snoring will turn you into Ed Norton in Fight Club, this is probably the show for you.

Anyone for pineapple?

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