New Shocking Photo Of Trump Sparks Overnight Meme Sensation

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Published 08.02.20

New photo of a very orange Donald Trump sparks overnight meme frenzy

Now I’m ready for the weekend.

Donald Trump brought a new whole new meaning to the word ‘imPEACHment’ last night, as this shocking photo of the POTUS hit the socials and gave birth to a tidal wave of memes.

Brutal. But from what I can tell it was taken with the utmost sincerity by the photography.

The snap was taken by “White House Correspondent, Journalist, Photographer” William Moon on the South Lawn of the White House, Friday afternoon (7th February 2020) and shows Trump’s notorious orange colouring meet the part of his head usually covered by hair, which is, well, less orange. Poor makeup blending or tan lines? Who knows.

Tbf, the photographer is a White House correspondent; maybe he’s just taken so many pictures of Trump now, he can no longer see see the luminous, orangey glow staring back at him. Like those people whose fear responses get numbed by watching too many horror films.

The unfortunate photo of Trump has become an overnight meme

Trump was returning returning from Charlotte, North Carolina when the photo was taken. I’m assuming either a wintery gust, or the wind from the helicopter managed to sweep his mane back to gift the world with this gem. But who cares, really. I’m just glad we’ve got it.

To add insult to injury, the photographer even posted the same photo in black and white on his Twitter page, @photowhitehouse. Although once again, quite respectful and sincere, I’m living for his caption:

“Today, @realDonaldTrump was dancing with the sunset and strong winds when he walked to the Oval Office from the Marina One on the South Lawn.”

How poetic.

I would’ve reported on this earlier, btw, but I was busy getting over another social bombshell, which dropped about the same time.

Now both memes are dominating the Twittersphere and I couldn’t be happier. What a time to be alive.

Naturally, this latest Trump snap has sparked an immense reaction on the socials and, of course, all the memes and gifs were born while we were blissfully tucked up in bed. God bless the internet.

The memes have arrived

Here are a few of our faves so far:

And two of my personal faves.

The Twitter comments weren’t exactly subtle, either.

One user joked:

“Republicans tore up the constitution for a guy who looks like your pillow after you fall asleep with makeup on.”

Another tweeted:

“Someday there will be a tell-all book about Frankenstein-ing his face together every morning and it will have to be released in multiple volumes.”

You get the idea.

To be fair to the guy (I know, I know, humour me), the photo above does appear to be somewhat enhanced. Take a look at these similar snaps taken by Getty photographers at exactly the same time.

The colour differentiation is still visible, but it’s no where near as saturated as the photo that went viral.

Still – no smoke without fire and all that.

Regardless, a word of advice, hon – blend. 

Images via Getty and Twitter/@photowhitehouse (photo taken by William Moon)