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New Study Reveals Gen Z Staff As Most Challenging Generation To Work With


A new study reveals Gen Z staff as most challenging generation to work with. These are individuals born in 1997 and later and are said to be the most difficult generation to work with according to 79% of managerial respondents surveyed by ResumeBuilder.

New Study Reveals Gen Z Staff As Most Challenging Generation To Work With Due To Lack Of Technological Skills

The survey, which involved 1,344 people in managerial positions across different industries in the US, also revealed that 49% found the age bracket challenging to work with, and 59% had fired a Gen Z employee.

The number one reason cited for the difficulty in working with Gen Z employees was a lack of technological skills. This finding may come as a surprise to some, as this generation is often associated with being tech-savvy due to their upbringing in the digital age.

Generation Z
Generation Z

However, the survey suggests that despite their proficiency with digital communication tools, they may lack some of the interpersonal skills required for face-to-face interactions.

Adam Garfield, marketing director at Hairbro, noted that Gen Zers are "highly innovative and adaptable" but may lack the communication skills necessary for building strong relationships with colleagues and clients. Garfield's recommendation for improvement is for Gen Zers to develop their communication skills further.

Another reason cited for the difficulty in working with Gen Zers was a lack of effort, according to 39% of surveyed participants. Additionally, 37% reported a lack of motivation. Other factors included being easily distracted, having poor communication skills, being easily offended, lack of drive, dishonesty, and entitlement.

Akpan Ukeme, head of HR at SGK GlobalShipping Services, shared his personal experiences with Gen Z employees, saying they can be exhausting due to their lack of discipline and their belief that they know everything about the digital world.

They think they’re better than you, smarter than you, more capable than you, and they will tell you to your face.- Akpan Ukeme, Head of HR at SGK Global Shipping Services

While the study's findings may paint a challenging picture of working with Gen Zers, it's important to note that each individual is unique, and not all Gen Z employees will exhibit the same traits. Moreover, as with any generation, it's possible to provide additional support and training to help individuals develop the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace.

Woman in the office with her hands covering her face
Woman in the office with her hands covering her face

Overall, the study highlights the need for employers to provide support and guidance to help Gen Zers develop their interpersonal and communication skills. By doing so, both the employer and the employee can benefit from a more harmonious and productive work environment.

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