Rumours have been swirling for a while about the price and release date of the new Xbox X and S series, and today it seems that Microsoft and Xbox have confirmed the information that was leaked.

It’s a nightmare for designers and makers as they try to keep the details closely under wraps, but it’s safe to say that Xbox Series S has been one of the industry’s worst kept secrets.

Fans have been waiting for a year for confirmation of the details after numerous leaks, with speculations on size and design that many believed weren’t possible, particularly for the size.

Microsoft responded to the leak with this meme that many are interpreting to mean the leaked info about the Series X is correct.

Hours later, Xbox went onto to tweet confirming that the Xbox Series S information was correct, just hours later.

The new Xbox Series S is the smallest yet, with a new slim design with a white outer shell and no disc slot. A Twitter user showed a console less than half the size of the Series X, too.

We finally have an official Xbox Series S price too at £249.99. Other leaks have suggested a November 10 release date.

The tweet has confirmed that the Series S will be discless, and this isn’t a first for Xbox after the Xbox One S All-Digital release, but critics have noted that the specs in some of the leaks look like the storage space will be small.

The newly leaked video on Twitter states the Xbox Series S will come with a 512GB custom SSD.

At first glance that doesn’t seem encouraging, as any downloaded game will have to be stored internally, in addition to the operating system.

Microsoft are launching a Subscription streaming service on September 15th, xCloud, meaning that games won’t have to be downloaded to the device.

It’s going to offer over 100 games to begin with, but it’s hoped this will increase substantially by the rumoured November release date for the Series S.

Another option is external storage, like the 1TB SSD that has already been confirmed for the Series X.


Will you be getting one?