NHS Paramedic Shamed Online For Wearing Full Face Of Make-Up

AvatarHannah Humphreys
Published 27.03.20

It seems baffling why some people feel the need to criticise and troll others online for their appearance no matter what the situation.

It was only last night at 8pm that households across the nation took to their front doors, balconies and windows last whilst in self-isolation to clap and cheer in thanks and support to our NHS frontline workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite this some evidently have nothing better to do than sit behind their keyboards on social media to shame one 24-year old NHS paramedic for wearing a full face of make-up to work.

Laura Heath, from Staffordshire shared a picture of herself in her NHS uniform saying how “proud” she as to do her job even in such testing times only to receive a barrage of abuse from people who shamed her for wearing make-up.

Some commenters were even trying to hit on her.

I’d say some of the comments reek of jealousy – which you have to admit seems really bizarre with all that is going on in the world.

One read: “Wtf really (look at me I’m gorgeous an I work for the NHS) selfies for a few likes while people are dying smh”.

With another adding: “Pride is a sin and so is VANITY”.

A third blasted: “Seriously? I think that you’ve probably got better things to do than trout pout!”.

And what is so wrong with wearing a bit of make-up whilst at work?!

I mean, get real. So many people do and she isn’t harming anyone – in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Speaking with Tyla, Laura said: “The unkind comments were mainly focused on my appearance and the fact I wear makeup”.

“I was told I am the reason the death toll is rising [in reference to the coronavirus pandemic]”.

Many of the negative comments have now been deleted from Laura’s post.

Continuing Laura added: “[People said] that I’m a glorified first aider and it’s ok for paramedics during this pandemic as we get to go home after dropping a patient off”.

She also explained that some people had said they ‘would refuse to let her see to them if she [showed] up looking the way she does’.

Really?! I’m pretty sure not one person would realistically rather suffer on with the potentially deadly effects of COVID-19 than be treated by Laura and taken to hospital just because she is wearing make-up!

Laura revealed that the comments have dug deep saying: “The replies made me feel hurt and upset that people really think that shallow of me and judge my whole persona on one photograph”.

“I’ve only been qualified for six months and I never thought I would be facing something of this magnitude”.

“When I took this photo I was feeling really low – as I struggle with mental health”.

Adding: “The only reason I can think of for nor taking me seriously [is] because I’m young”.

“The whole purpose of my post was to try and be a role model to young females who want to make a difference in the world and show that we can be on the frontline too”.

Thankfully, many rushed her to defence and praise her for her dedicated work on the frontline of the pandemic.

One comment read: “Can’t believe that there are even some negative comments. You’re a hero Laura. You have every reason to be proud of yourself and all your colleagues. Thank you”.

With another adding: “Thank you for what you do! You look lovely btw, sad that so many people are threatened by attractive women who work in key roles”.

A third said: “Go girl. Proud to be in the NHS. Proud to be part of the Ambulance Service. Ignore the haters. Do what you do. We’re behind you”.

And that, we definitely are Laura.

From all at The Hook – you’re rocking it and deserve a nation’s thanks.