Nicolas Cage To Play Nicolas Cage in New Nicolas Cage Film

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Published 17.11.19

Nicolas Cage will play Nicolas Cage in a new film about Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage

This film is about Nicolas Cage.


Nicolas Cage will come face-to-face with ’90s Nicolas Cage in new feature film

You can’t say the guy doesn’t keep us on our Millennial toes.

Nicolas Cage, the man who actually said the line, “he may have my soul, but he’ll never get my spirit” in 2007’s Ghost Rider, is set to go all John Malkovich and play himself in a movie about… himself.

Nicolas Cage

The American star is reportedly in talks to play himself in a new feature-length film where he is trying to land a role in a new Quentin Tarantino film. The movie will apparently involve a modern-day Cage talking to an egotistical ’90s version of himself, who mocks modern-day Cage for not being famous enough in the future and for making too many low-budget movies. Nineties Nicolas Cage clearly hasn’t seen The Wicker Man and learned that no amount of money can actually polish a turd (The Wicker Man being the turd, not Nicolas Cage – please don’t sue me, Nicolas Cage, you scare me).

Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider


According to The Hollywood Reporter, in the new movie modern-day Cage will be riddled with debt – to the point where he’s making public appearances at birthday parties – and struggling to keep his teenage daughter happy.

Nicolas Cage movie in final talks


The film is in final negotiations with Lionsgate right now, but as far as we can tell, it is happening and the internet will soon get a new set of Nicolas Cage memes for life. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the film will be called – and take a moment before you fully absorb this – The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. I can’t.

The screenplay has been written by Tom Gormican (That Awkward Moment) and Kevin Etten (Ghosted). Gormican is rumoured to be directing the feature film, too. I mean, I’m truly surprised Nicolas Cage isn’t directing, tbh. Just imagine: Nicolas Cage to star in a film as Nicolas Cage in a film about Nicolas Cage, directed by none other than Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage press

A quick guide to Nicolas Cage

If you’re too young to really know who Nicolas Cage is, here’s the speediest of summaries for you. The 55-year-old Hollywood actor has been one of the biggest names in Tinseltown for decades now and in recent years has become somewhat of an internet and tabloid obsession. The actor has starred in sensational films like Face Off, Moonstruck, Kick-Ass, Gone In 60 Seconds, Leaving Las Vegas and Adaptation, and truly abysmal films like Wicker Man, Left Behind and f*cking Ghost Rider. Good or bad, he basically plays Nicolas Cage in every single one of them, so this latest role shouldn’t be too much of stretch for him.


Hollywood, if you’re reading this and I’ve got you, please give Nicolas Cage a role in The Batman – it’s literally the only ingredient missing. FYI, he can totally play himself as a new Batman villain.

FYI, assuming this all works out for Nick, I want to see Meryl Streep follow in the same footsteps. I’m putting that out into the universe nice and early. 


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