Nigel Farage “in talks” to compete in Channel 4’s Celebrity Hunted and “believes he can win” it

Insert joke here.

By that I mean insert Nigel Farage (joke) into Celebrity Hunted, imminently.

Britain deserves a little closure.

Farage in “advance talks” with Channel 4 producers

According to an insider, the controversial politician and Brexit Party is “in advance talks” to take part in the next series of Channel 4’s popular series, Celebrity Hunted (which raises funds for Stand Up To Cancer).

If the rumours are true, then the 55-year-old Brexiteer is set for 14 days on the run as a wanted fugitive, in the name of our entertainment. Tbf, watching Farage roughing it and running sh*t scared from skilled hunters would really help my isolation blues right now – any chance we could speed this up a tad?

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The moment my Hunters got their hands on @tofftalks and @stanleyjohnson! 👏 #CelebrityHunted #StandUpToCancer See how they got caught on All4.

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“On his behalf his team have been negotiating a package for him”

According to The Sun, an insider has said:

“Nigel is always inundated with offers for reality TV shows and turns them down — but ‘Celebrity Hunted’ has piqued his interest.”

They added:

“After seeing Stanley Johnson on the show last year, Nigel said he was more keen to do it. On his behalf his team have been negotiating a package for him.”

“He wants to be billed as their most controversial but starry signing”

The source continued:

“Nigel is a people person and thinks he could easily get the public on his side to help him.

“Plus it’s all for a good cause and Nigel knows how to laugh at himself.

As does the rest of the British public, I might add. I’m not even touching the “people person” remark.

The unnamed insider added:

“He wants to be billed as their most controversial but starry signing.”


But will I watch it? Probably. Unless this self-isolation thing stretches out another couple of months, of course; in which case I’m guessing all the celebs will have to film each ep on their Instagram Lives from home or something? No, I won’t be watching that. That sounds sh*t.

“Talks have been ongoing for weeks”

A TV insider said:

“Getting Nigel on board would be a real coup and talks have been ongoing for weeks.

“Finding someone to pair with him is the hardest bit but for the producers, ­having Nigel on board is the most important thing.”

Boris? Trump?

Frankly, I’m going to duck out of this article now. That’s enough Nigel Farage chat for one self-isolation.

This sounds fun, but I’d much rather watch him eat hairy kangaroo balls Down Under. You know, if there’s a choice here. 

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