There’s no question that Nigella Lawson is a national treasure.

She kept us all entertained a while back with her unusual way of saying ‘microwave’ and now she’s made us all laugh again with her recipe of the day.

Famous for her beautiful desserts, it wouldn’t normally be surprising for her to share a recipe for one, but this was something cheekier.

Today’s choice was a stroke of genius, as she shared the ‘Bitter Orange Tart’.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Twitter to cotton on to the meaning and praise Nigella’s thinking.

Journalist and author Caitlin Moran raved: “If anyone says ‘’given the last few years, are there any things that still make you proud to be British?’ I have to reply, ‘It’s a dwindling list, but Nigella Lawson calmly choosing Bitter Orange Tart on the day Trump leaves office would be one of them’.”

“Purely coincidental that our minds today keep thinking of bitter oranges,” one Twitter user responded.

“Wash it down with a glass of sour grapes” said another. What an excellent vintage.

“Well, yes, Bitter Orange Tart just happens to be #RecipeOfTheDay,” Lawson writes. “Apart from anything else, there are more things to make with Seville oranges than marmalade! This is not complicated: the base is bashed ginger nuts.”

Elsewhere, historian Dr Tania Hershman tweets: “Nigella doing a brilliant subtweet, recommending other things to do with “oranges”, and “ginger nuts” who need bashing… This is not just about cake, nice one Nigella.”

It’s fair to say that fans have been impressed with her sweet creation. Nigella has been called a “legend” and a “glorious queen”,  and praise for her “perfect trolling”.

Plenty of people are promising they’ll make the tart to praise her excellent joke.

Will you be giving her Bitter Orange Tart a go?

Image via Alamy