Nightmarish New Cult Horror ‘Midsommar’ Is So Disturbing People Can’t Sleep After Watching It

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Published 05.07.19

‘Nightmarish’ New Cult Horror ‘Midsommar’ Is So Disturbing People Are Struggling To Sleep After Watching It.

I’m not a fan of horror and anyone who’s ever followed my work before (hi mum) will know that.

By now almost every warped and twisted idea has been put on screen and the genre is completely saturated with possessed kids, creepy dolls, and weirdly, nuns. Objectively nuns aren’t scary, they’re just lovely, old religious women. If you turned anyone into a zombie/demon they’d be automatically scary, so leave the bloody nuns alone.


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about Midsommar – the terrifying new horror that sick, sick people just can’t enough of.

The film, which is directed by Ari Aster – the man behind last year’s Hereditary, another film that’s supposedly the scariest thing since, I dunno, sliced bread? – follows a couple and their two friends as they travel to a rural town in Sweden for a festival in the middle of the summer solstice. But the festival isn’t exactly Glasto and Stormzy, as the idyllic treat is actually the home of a barbaric and sinister cult.

You’d be demanding a refund wouldn’t you?

People are just starting to see the new film and reactions have been s-t-r-o-n-g.

From people walking out to others saying it’s so disturbing it’s been ‘permanently seared into their brains’ it’s pretty apparent this one isn’t for the faint-hearted:



Critics, too, have been extremely praise-worthy of the film.

“MIDSOMMAR confirms a major talent who isn’t afraid to alienate… most people,” wrote Vanity Fair critic Richard Lawson on Twitter. “A psychotropic plunge into what death might mean, if it means anything. Deeply upsetting and very funny?”

“A wickedly funny romp with Ugly Americans and Freaky Swedes in the woods, a premium cut of one of my favorite subgenres (daytime horror), and just so confidently made,” wrote David Sims of The Atlantic. “Ari Aster takes the very idea of a sophomore slump and sets it ablaze.”

“Going to join the chorus and say I absolutely loved #Midsommar,” wrote Meagan Navarro of the Bloody Disgusting website. “Ari Aster nails guttural, raw emotion. But this time? So much joy and humor with the f—ed up pain. Legit feel good horror for me.”

I have to say, unlike most ‘horrors’ this looks beautifully well made and from the trailer alone the cinematography looks gorgeous. Look at that still above – stunning.


I’ve always fancied going to a festival abroad as well  – maybe I’ve found the one.

We’ll see.

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