Nine Sausage Dogs Named After Santa’s Reindeer Are Looking For Homes

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 11.12.19

A family of lil’ sausage dogs are looking for homes after being left with nowhere to go.

Are sausage dogs the in-vogue meme hound of the moment? I’m starting to think so. In early days meme culture it was the exotic Shiba Inu, years passed, the humble pug had its time and then the Queen’s-own Corgi took centre stage. Though all dogs have their place in internet culture, it seems like the sausage dog is currently ahead of the rest.


With that, you think they’d find no shortage in homes but alas, nine adorable pups and their mum have been left with nowhere to go, currently being looked after by the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford and District Branch.

The mother-dog, Olive the miniature Dachshund, gave birth to her litter of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolf, and now the nine dogs – named after Santa’s fickle, bully reindeer – are being looked after 24/7 by the charity’s staff.

Olive sausage dog


The RSPCA are now looking for people to take care of the dogs full-time, adopting them and giving them that forever home so many pups dream about.

Manager Julie Cockroft said:

We have to have one member of staff constantly allocated to these puppies as even the simplest of tasks – such as checking and cleaning their teeth – can take ages with nine wriggly, little puppies.


They need a lot of care and, also, a lot of specialist things so if any members of the public are able to help by making donations or dropping off any useful items then that would be hugely helpful.

We’re particularly looking for puppy food and toys to keep them entertained.

nine sausage dog puppies

The good news – for the pups, maybe not yourself – is that a huge number of applicants have come forward to take the dogs out of the RSPCA’a hands, with Cockroft adding:


We are currently taking applications for these adorable little pups and we’ve been absolutely inundated with responses – with more than 500 coming into us in less than 24 hours, some from as far afield as Thailand.”

Don’t get too carried away with just the pups though, as the mum, Olive, is also looking for a new family to live with, and while she can be adopted immediately, who’ll have to wait a bit longer for her litter as they’re only six weeks old.

You just can’t go wrong.

Images via RSPCA Halifax