No Idea Who To Vote For In The General Election? Here’s How To Decide!

Joseph FurnessJoseph Furness in News, UK
Published 25.11.19

UK-based youth democracy charity Bite the Ballot present #TurnUp, their interactive questionnaire designed to help with your general election decision this December. 

Ok, I admit it: I don’t usually vote. In fact, I’ve never voted before (providing Walkers’ #choosemeorloseme flavour poll doesn’t count). Seriously, the only politics I cared for pre-summer ‘19 was the politics of Westeros as I had pretty much made my peace with an ignorance-is-bliss mindset. And whilst I could’ve fibbed all the way throughout this article about a fictitious involvement in politics, I’ve decided to be honest – primarily because my friends and family are quick to expose me. 

This summer, I registered to vote for the first time. But before you congratulate me, know that I did this to improve my credit score (sickening, I know). HOWEVER, once I filled in my details on, it did stimulate me to ponder the importance of the government and the ruling political party. (It affects our lives, you know. Who’d have thought it?)

#TurnUp and register to vote to hear YOUR voice heard in the upcoming General Election. 

To find out how you can have your say, click here.

Turn Up Bite the Ballot

After my political epiphany, I’m proud to say that I’ve decided to vote for the first time this December. You could say I’m losing my voting virginity. *blushes* 

If you’re a fellow voting virgin, do know that I’m not about to give you the whole ‘people died for this’ speech – of which I, myself, have grown tired of hearing – albeit, I would like to emphasise the importance of voting. 

So would UK-based charity Bite the Ballot.

Not sure who to vote for in the General Election? Bite the Ballot’s interactive questionnaire will help YOU decide

Bite the Ballot is a party-neutral movement and youth democracy charity who is on a mission to empower young people to evolve UK democracy. Tbf, they’ve helped me spotlight which policies and issues matter to me the most. 

As part of their #TurnUp 2019 campaign (which, unsurprisingly, has been created to encourage people to vote in this year’s general election), Bite the Ballot has created an interactive questionnaire using their in-house Verto platform. As enjoyable as it is thought-provoking, the animated survey is a MUST for anyone (like me) who’s trying to figure out their political standpoint before Decembers vote. 

Turn Up Bite the Ballot

#TurnUp and make a real difference to the General Election. Your vote has never been more important

“Our mission at Play Verto is to spark curiosity, dialogue and creative problem solving around these challenges, whilst having fun. Through play and technology, we are building a world where everyone is empowered to improve their lives and those of others.”

Upon completing the questionnaire, you can reflect on your answers and compare them with other players. You can also share your results with others via social media to inspire conversations about your views and beliefs; because guess what?

People want to hear your voice!

Turn Up Bite the Ballot

Bite the Ballot’s interactive questionnaire is the perfect tool to help make an informed decision this General Election.

Find out how you compare with other participants by completing it today.

When is the 2019 Voting Deadline?

To be able to vote, you must register online or by post by Tuesday 26th November.

You will then be able to vote at Polling Stations on Thursday 12th December anytime between 7am-10pm. 

Really, that’s all you need to know! Once again, make sure you check out Verto’s #TurnUp and register to vote.

Oh, and if you kept reading because you thought I was going to reveal who I’m voting for this December, then jokes on you.  #SecretSquirrel