No Man’s Sky Is The Survival Exploration Life We All Secretly Want To Live

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Gaming
Published 29.08.19

No Man’s Sky is a beautiful game that lets you explore an endless universe filled with unimaginable wonders, ranging from unparalleled tranquility to brutal survivalism.

True story; I once, embarrassingly recently, got pretty upset because I realised there’s not much left in the world to explore.

Obviously there’s the sea, but I’m hardly going to jump into a submarine. Back to dry land, everywhere’s been covered and you have to queue to get to the top of Mount Everest.

That leads to people looking to the stars and while that’s an option – presumably – for some people in the future, for now it’s pretty hard to source a spaceship and see the moon.

So you have to rely on films, TV shows, books and video games to give you a glimpse of what may be out there. With that said, finding a decent space game is hard enough…

But then in 2016 No Man’s Sky was released for PlayStation 4 and PC and since then it’s been changing the face of gaming.

For example, not too long ago I was playing a PS4 game set in New York and after I paid exorbitant amounts for the DLC, I was left with nothing to do once I’d completed the story.

What made it worse is that you could categorically see the likes of New Jersey and Brooklyn, but you couldn’t go there. It’s just out of reach because the developers didn’t make it. Meanwhile in No Man’s Sky, if you can see somewhere, you can go there.

And if you want, you can do that for five billion years… there’s 18 quintillion planets in the No Man’s Sky galaxy and no two are the same, like snowflakes…

But what if I find a planet that I like and decide to settle down?

Then build a base, fool. Make them as elaborate as you like. You can build a whole town if you really want to and live there with your mates, since the new and improved multiplayer option allows you to explore the universe in a group of friends thanks to the mind-blowing Beyond update.

Just try to imagine a game that has the tranquility of, say, Animal Crossing or Journey, with the survival elements of Call of Duty Zombies thrown in there. You can’t, but the people over at Hello Games did.

If you have a spare five billion years to fill – or even ten minutes – then I heartily recommend you get yourself on No Man’s Sky, maybe even treat yourself to a VR headset while you’re at it, and have a serious adventure.

Images via Hello Games