It’s not Christmas until the Lindor comes out, and there’s always someone who hides the box to keep them all to themselves.

At last! Some good news for 2020. There’ll be fewer festive arguments this year as Lindt have come to the rescue with the new Lindor sharing box, featuring multiple options.

Until now you could only buy boxes of one flavour, unless you were lucky enough to live near a shop with a pick & mix station.

The tubs will feature 32 chocolates, of six different varieties including milk, milk & white, extra dark, hazelnut, white, or the brand new salted caramel flavour.

They come in a keepsake festive tin, too.


It’s set to be priced at £15 for 400g, with a special introductory promotional price of £10 from Tesco, Sainsburys, Lindt retail shops and online.

Which is your favourite flavour?

Images via Alamy