Norwegian Teen Receives Death Threats After Eating Her Horse After It Was Put Down

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, World
Published 08.10.19

After her horse was put down due to illness, one teen has received multiple death threats online after subsequently eating said stallion.

Weird headline, isn’t it?

As a rule of thumb, death threats are always bad and almost always completely undeserved and unacceptable, but at some points you need to know your audience and when it comes to posting things online, understand that there are millions of nutters lurking on the web that want you to die for a very specific and sometimes niche reason.


Be that as it may, I’m still not into the idea of eating a horse, least of all one that you probably loved. That’s a very rogue move.

girl eats horse

This all comes after one 18-year-old in Norway decided that not only would she eat her horse, but she would tell all of her friends on Facebook about her latest snack.

Pia Olden’s family horse, Drifting Speed, sadly had to be put down as it was suffering from an illness. Waste not want not, though, and the family decided to keep and freeze fillets of the horse meat.


pia olden eat horse

After that, Olden, a trainee chef, decided to cook the meat in a dish for herself and show it off on Facebook, with pictures and a very long caption.

Amongst other things, she wrote:

If I’m going to eat horse meat, it’s going to be my own.”


That’s one hell of a stance.

This moment in The Simpsons comes to mind…

To be honest, from a trainee chef I would have expected better, since all Olden seemed to do was cook the meat medium-rare and throw some chopped chillis and cubed mango on top. Apparently not though. The pictures aren’t even flattering.

She did say it was the best meat she’d ever tasted though.


The teenager grew up in a family of farmers and says she views meat different to others, while speaking to Norwegian news outlet Dagbladet, she opened up to the death threats she received:

Many wrote that I too deserve to be killed for eating my own horse. One wrote that I should lose the right to have animals.”

cook horse meat

She went on to say that most of the threats came from fellow female horse riders, before adding:

It’s not better for the meat to be buried and eaten by the worms.


Not a bad point, I suppose.

The post has since been deleted after it was shared to a group where it racked up dangerous amounts of abuse.

Despite said abuse, Pia stands by her actions. She says she knew it would attract some bad press, but not the amount that she ended up getting.

She went on:

I don’t think they should be able to control what to do. Horse meat is a delicacy, and when the horse had to be killed anyway, I thought it was okay to eat it.

It was some of the best meat we have eaten.”

I’m no chef/vet/doctor, but aren’t you supposed to not eat animals that died from natural causes? I swear I’ve heard that somewhere before.

I don’t know. I’m not smart.

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