OAP Hilariously Ruins Bikini Model’s Shoot In ‘Greatest Photobomb Of All Time’

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Funny, News
Published 27.03.19
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Where the term ‘photobomb’ was first coined I have no idea, but at this point it’s fully integrated into modern day vernacular.

There’s something seriously satisfying about watching someone work meticulously for the right angle, only for it to be completely ruined by, I dunno, a dog taking a crap in the background or someone falling over.

This kind of #content is what the internet was made for after all.

Now, without doubt one of the greatest, coolest, adverts of all time is the Southern Comfort one where a portly, middle-aged bloke walks down the beach in his speedos just not giving an eff.

It’s bloody brilliant and the track over the top of it is perfect.


This next video is essentially a funnier version of that advert but behind a bikini model’s photoshoot.

The scantily clad woman can be seen giving the camera her best moves – and looking good in the process – before an OAP wearing some budgie smugglers waddles past completely oblivious ruining the whole moment.

It’s perfect. Take a peep.

It’s testament to how good the video is that there’s a bikini model right in shot and I spent the whole time staring at the fat bloke in the background.

I’ve watched it 15 times.

It’s being dubbed the ‘greatest photobomb of all time’ and I couldn’t agree more.

Why does she carry on though? She must have seen him.

Still, I hope one day I can walk along a beach with my gut out in front of a super hot model and have as much nonchalance as him.


Images via Twitter/YouTube

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