Old Woman’s Hilarious Clapback Might Be The Most Savage Comment You’ll Ever See

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Funny, News, World
Published 05.03.19
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As a general rule of thumb, I choose not to f*ck with old people.

Much of that is down to the ‘respect your elders’ mantra, but a large part of it is that cantankerous old folk have absolutely nothing to lose when crossed. Think about it: they’ve seen more in their lifetime than we could imagine, and with Father Time catching up with them, what have the got to be frightened of?

This makes them both dangerous and menacing.

I mean if I was knocking on death’s door I’d be an absolute terror; I’m going down soon so I might as well take you with me.

That seems to have been the approach of Barbara Lynne Joy, a seemingly sweet old teacher who looks like this.

Ahh, a cute, sweet granny, right?

Well, said cute, sweet, granny was scrolling through Facebook when she saw a fast-food restaurant she liked getting slated. So she decided to defend it.

When a woman tried to make a joke at Barb’s expense, she got shutdown in the most savage and brutal way you can imagine.

Honestly, where this came from I have no idea.


I don’t know what to say. I’m stumped.

Twitter user @MoshWithTyler shared the exchange in a tweet, which has gone viral, with people lauding Barbara’s take-no-sh*t attitude:

I told you, never mess with old people.

You learned that the hard way Lashana Gorrell and I’m sorry it hurt so bad.

Maybe go and get some cooling lotion for that #sickburn

Images via Facebook/Twitter