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Oldest Sister Praised For ‘Heroic Role' In Amazon Plane Crash


The Amazon plane crash that occurred recently has garnered significant attention due to the heroic role played by the oldest sister and the ongoing search for a missing rescue dog named Wilson. Also, the oldest sister praised for ‘heroic role' in Amazon plane crash.

The Mucutuy children, ages 1 to 13, survived for more than a month in the dense jungle after their aircraft crashed on May 1; their mother, Magdalena Mucutuy Valencia, along with the pilot and another passenger were killed.

The survivors of the plane crash were interviewed, including their grandfather. The oldest sister, whose name was not mentioned in the sources, was praised for her heroic actions during the ordeal. She managed to keep her younger siblings calm and safe while they awaited rescue.

Furthermore, the CNN articlementioned the presence of a rescue dog named Wilson, who had accompanied the survivors during the plane crash. Wilson had played a crucial role in providing comfort and companionship to the family during their ordeal. However, the dog went missing after the crash, leading to a continuing search effort to locate and reunite him with the survivors.

The children's grandfather Narciso Mucutuy described how 13-year-old Lesly Jacobombaire Mucutuy tended for her younger siblings during the terrifying ordeal.

When she looked and saw that her mother was dead, she saw the foot of her youngest sister and she pulled them out.

The baby, Cristin, survived because of her older sister feeding her slowly from the bottle until the bottle ran out.

The children, including 9-year-old Soleiny Jacobombaire Mucutuy and 4-year-old Tien Ranoque Mucutuy, reportedly survived by eating farina, a coarse cassava flour utilized by indigenous communities in the Amazon region.

Mucutuy said Lesly told him she had no idea where they were going and ultimately became too exhausted to continue walking. At that juncture, the children decided to wait "for the eventual miracle," he explained.

During their ordeal, the children had witnessed movement in the jungle, but they "hid when they saw helicopters, community members, or military personnel because they believed they would be punished."Wilson, a Special Forces search dog, "became their faithful friend and accompanied them on several occasions," their grandfather said.

According to officials, Wilson, a Belgian Shepherd, went AWOL during the search operations and was last seen on May 18. According to Colombian military spokesperson Pedro Arnulfo Sánchez Suárez, the children "spent three or four days with Wilson and reported that he was quite thin."

Finding him is now the army's top priority.

Colombian military spokesperson Pedro Arnulfo Sánchez Suárez said:

We have a saying ‘We never leave an element behind,’ even less the four children, we would not leave Wilson. But we are also conscious of how difficult it is to find him in the depths of a hostile but blessed jungle.- Colombian military spokesperson Pedro Arnulfo Sánchez Suárez

Search continues in Amazon for rescue dog lost in Colombia

The search for the missing rescue dog, Wilson, has also been extensively continued. It emphasizes the efforts of the community and volunteers who are actively involved in the search operation. The family and search teams remain hopeful that Wilson will be found and reunited with his family soon.


The oldest sister praised for ‘heroic role' in Amazon plane crash. The Amazon plane crash has also brought attention to the ongoing search for the missing rescue dog, Wilson. These stories of resilience and determination in the face of adversity have captivated the public and highlight the strength of the human spirit.

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