Olivia Attwood Says ‘Love Island’ Villa Is Worse Than Coronavirus Lockdown

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford
Published 25.03.20

Olivia Attwood says Love Island villa is worse than coronavirus lockdown

So there you go. Consider yourselves lucky.


If you’ve started to feel the pressure from all this self-isolating, just think about Olivia Attwood and remind yourself:

“At least I’m not in the ‘Love Island’ villa.

“At least I’m not basking in beautiful sunshine, surrounded by gorgeous people.

“At least I’m not getting my food and booze paid for me. 

“At leat I’ve not got my own pool.

“And at least I won’t become a millionaire and have my life sponsored by booho.com and/or Pretty Little Thing after all of this.”

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Just some indoor sunshine… 💅🏼/ @missyempire

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For clarity – I’m being deeply sarcastic. Olivia’s strange comments have floored me.


According reality star Olivia Attwood – who starred in the 2017 series of the Love Island – staying in ITV2’s luxury villa for several weeks is far worse than Boris’s current coronavirus lockdown.

According to Liv, her and her fellow 2017 Islanders were “controlled” during their time in the villa – which at the time was in Majorca – and weren’t even allowed to go and stretch their legs (Brits are allowed to go outside for exercise once a day under the current nationwide lockdown rules).


Olivia tells the MailOnline:

“We were more contained, there was more control.

“In the villa, you couldn’t call anyone or go for a walk. If anything, it was worse [than lockdown]!”


While discussing the current coronavirus lockdown, Olivia said:

“The only thing I can compare this to is ‘Love Island’.

“Obviously there was a big cast and they were constantly playing games with us so we never really got the chance to be bored.

“Right now I can speak to my genuine friends and I’m not just stuck with a bunch of strangers.”

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The reality star added:

“We were more contained, there was more control, you couldn’t call anyone or go for a walk but with coronavirus, you can walk outside your front door as long as you’re in the guidelines.”

Liv is currently isolating in Manchester with her fiancé, Blackburn Rovers midfielder Bradley Dack.

So there you go – things might be bleak, but at least we’re not on Love Island surrounded by luxury.

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