Olly Murs leaves fans stunned after flaunting huge bulge in self-isolation video on Instagram

If lockdown is getting you down – here’s Olly Murs dancing in his tighty-whities.


If self-isolation is making you feel all kinds of loopy RN (samesies), take comfort in the fact that some of your fave celebs are right there with you.

Take The Voice judge, Olly Murs, for example.

The X-Factor hunk proved that we’re not the only ones climbing the walls during this nationwide lockdown, after posting an energetic Instagram video of himself physically climbing the walls of his own bedroom – to the apparent annoyance of girlfriend Amelia Tank.

All in extra-tight white pants, I might add.

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Think I’ll be dumped by the end of self isolation 🤣👌🏻💯 #wakeupwithmurs ⏰

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It’s a gem of a video and it’s making people feel better in all kinds of ways on this otherwise gloomy Saturday.



The singer showed off his incredible two-stone weight loss in the tightest of white undies as he danced around his bedroom to Get Up (Everybody; Parade Mix) by Byron Stingily, while Amelia remained hidden under the covers.

Murs captioned his video as follows:

 “I think I’ll be dumped by the end of self isolation.”

From the looks of things, I don’t think anyone would be throwing you away without serious consideration, Mr Murs.


Now the elephant (trunk) in the room…

Fans were quick to comment on Olly’s sizeable member on the Instagram comments. ‘Cause let’s face it, tight white pants are a choice. 

One fans wrote:

“😂😂😂 Always loved the confidence of anyone who wears white pants !!! 😂😂.”

Another said:

“Watching purely for the package😂.”


Another fan wrote:

“OMG that really doesn’t leave much to the imagination Olly!! I can’t unsee that! 🍆👀.”

A fourth said:

“Was anyone else focusing on a certain area that woke me right up 😂.”



Tbf though, what else can we all do but look and enjoy from a far right now? We’re f*cking bored and relying on the internet like life support.

I might take my “working-from-home lunch break” now, if you don’t mind.

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