If you’re missing the thrill of a fling over lockdown, this candle might be the next best thing and give you a sensory trip down memory lane.

The One Night Stand(le) has a combination of different scents, said to smell like a night of fun.

Social distancing means dating isn’t an option for many, so you can get the experience without the risk just by lighting this candle.

It features four distinct layers that tell a story of every great (or not-so-great) one-night stand.

It starts off with dinner – and an iconic pizza scent. Don’t blame us if it makes you hungry.

Next, it follows things up with the fragrance of a Passion Fruit Pornstar Martini fragrance.

Moving to the third level you have the scent of latex (no explanation needed) before a 3am cab ride home, with the final layer of ‘new car smell’.

The candle might even last longer than some of your relationships, with a 30 hour burn time. 

Made from vegan soy wax, recycled labels & packaging, the candles are ethically and environmentally friendly.

If you want to get your hands on one of these for a saucy trip down memory lane, head to Flaming Crap.

It’ll set you back £14.99 but anything that makes us smile at the moment is worth it.

They’re the same company who made the 2020 scented candle.

That one featured scents like banana bread and hand sanitiser.

 Oliver Burr, Co-Founder of Flaming Crap says: “Many people’s dating lives have become disasters over the course of the last year, the One Night Standle takes you on a sensual journey through dinner and drinks, with scents that will remind you of sex and that awkward taxi journey home! We hope this can be both a fun reminder of dating disasters, and what is to come for those that have spent the last year on their own!”

They also make candles out of some of your favourite craft beer cans.

If you have a friend that isn’t easily offended, you could always buy them a ‘Total Slag’ leopard print candle. That’s what mates are for, after all.

There are also some candles for those that like to make their political opinions clear (and they also smell lovely, too.)

Headline News

Candles keep making headlines recently, including one where Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous ‘Vagina’ candle allegedly exploded.

You can also get some extremely graphic dirty candles, perfect for a Valentine’s gift perhaps. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you, they’re very NSFW).

Which ones would you go for?

Image via Alamy