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Oni-Goroshi Build - Unleash The Infernal Power In Path Of Exile


In Path of Exile, the Oni-Goroshi build has emerged as a popular and powerful choice for players seeking a unique and devastating playstyle. Centered around the Oni-Goroshi unique sword, this build offers a fiery blend of high damage, critical strikes, and impressive survivability.

In this article, we will explore the intricacies of the Oni-Goroshi build, including its mechanics, gear choices, passive tree allocation, and gameplay strategies.

Unleashing The Power Of Oni-Goroshi

Oni-Goroshi is more than just a unique sword in Path of Exile; it is a weapon that harnesses the power of fire. When equipped, the sword ignites the player, granting significant bonuses to fire damage, attack speed, and life leech.

What makes Oni-Goroshi particularly enticing is its scaling damage based on the player's level. As the character progresses, the sword becomes increasingly formidable, making it an exceptional choice for leveling and endgame content. This unique mechanicsets the stage for a playstyle centered around fiery devastation.

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Passive Tree Allocation

Crafting a successful Oni-Goroshi build requires careful allocation of passive skill points on the game's expansive skill tree. While the choice of starting class varies, many players opt for the Marauder or Duelist due to their proximity to melee-oriented passive nodes.

Key notable passive clusters to consider include those that enhance physical damage, critical strike chance, elemental damage, and life regeneration. By investing in offensive and defensive nodes strategically, players can maximize the build's damage output while bolstering survivability.

To amplify the power of Oni-Goroshi, specific skill gems and their support gem links prove crucial to the build's success. Cyclone serves as the primary attack skill, allowing players to rapidly spin through packs of enemies, dealing devastating area-of-effect (AoE) damage.

Linking Cyclone with support gems like Elemental Damage with Attacks, Concentrated Effect, and Increased Critical Strikes enhances its effectiveness further. Herald of Ash, an aura skill that reserves mana, grants additional fire damage based on physical damage.

This synergizes exceptionally well with the Oni-Goroshi's fire-based damage output. Additionally, gems like Cast when Damage Taken (CWDT) linked with Immortal Call and Increased Duration provide an automatic trigger for Immortal Call, granting temporary invulnerability when significant damage is taken.

Vaal Ancestral Warchief, a vaal skill, summons a powerful totem that deals massive damage and boosts the player's damage output. This skill proves particularly valuable during boss encounters and challenging encounters.

Gear Choices

Beyond the Oni-Goroshi sword itself, carefully selecting gear further optimizes the build's performance. A high-quality rare body armor with life, resistances, and added physical damage provides a substantial boost to survivability.

Additionally, a chest piece with increased attack speed or critical strike chance modifiers enhances the build's damage output. Rings and amulets should prioritize increased elemental damage, critical strike chance/multiplier, and life. If possible, look for added physical or fire damage on these items.

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A well-rolled Stygian Vise belt with life, elemental resistances, and increased elemental damage with attacks proves an excellent choice for the Oni-Goroshi build. Lastly, flasks play a vital role. Utilize flasks that provide life recovery, elemental resistances, and utility, such as a Quicksilver Flask for increased movement speed.

Gameplay Strategies

Playing the Oni-Goroshi build requires a mix of careful positioning, rapid movement, and exploiting the build's high damage potential. Cyclone becomes the centerpiece of combat, allowing players to spin through packs of enemies while dealing massive damage and life leeching.

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The key is to maintain a balance between offense and defense. While the build offers high damage potential, prioritizing survivability is essential. Keep resistances capped, maintain a healthy life pool, and invest in defensive layers such as armor or evasion.

Additionally, pay close attention to positioning and movement during boss encounters. The build's melee range can put you in harm's way, so dodging boss mechanics and effectively managing flasks are crucial to surviving challenging encounters.

Ascendancy Class Options

In Path of Exile, Ascendancy classes provide further specialization and unique abilities to enhance a character's playstyle. Several Ascendancy options synergize exceptionally well with the Oni-Goroshi build.

For example, the Chieftain Ascendancy class offers bonuses to fire damage, increased life regeneration, and enhanced totem capabilities. The Slayer Ascendancy class provides valuable bonuses such as increased area of effect, culling strike, and leech effects.

Exploring the different Ascendancy options and selecting the one that aligns with your desired playstyle can further amplify the effectiveness of the Oni-Goroshi build.

Pantheon Choices

The Pantheon system in Path of Exile allows players to select major and minor gods whose powers provide additional defensive or offensive benefits. When considering Pantheon choices for the Oni-Goroshi build, focus on defensive options that enhance survivability.

For example, the Soul of Arakaali offers increased life recovery and reduced damage taken when recently using a life flask, which complements the build's life leech mechanics.

The Soul of Solaris provides damage reduction against multiple enemies and increased chance to evade hits from nearby enemies. Carefully selecting the Pantheon powers that align with the build's strengths and weaknesses can significantly enhance your character's overall resilience.

Enchantments And Flasks

Enchantments and flasks provide further opportunities to optimize the Oni-Goroshi build. Helmet enchantments can provide bonuses to skills like Cyclone, offering increased area of effect, additional damage, or even reducing mana cost.

How I MAKE a BUILD around an ITEM - Path of Exile - Oni-goroshi

Seek out helmet enchantments that specifically enhance the skills you utilize in the build. Additionally, flask choices can greatly impact your character's performance. Consider utilizing utility flasks like a Basalt Flask for additional physical damage reduction or a Silver Flask for increased critical strike chance.

Experiment with different enchantments and flask combinations to find the ones that best complement your playstyle and optimize the Oni-Goroshi build's effectiveness.

Map Modifiers And Endgame Content

As you progress through the game, you will encounter different map modifiers and endgame content that can pose unique challenges. Understanding how these modifiers affect your build is essential for success.

Pay close attention to modifiers that reduce elemental resistances, increase monster damage, or apply status ailments, as they can be particularly dangerous for the Oni-Goroshi build.

Prepare your gear, gems, and passive tree to counteract these modifiers and ensure you maintain survivability while maximizing damage output. Additionally, explore endgame content like the Atlas of Worlds and the immensely challenging encounters of the Delve or the Maven's Invitation to push the limits of your build and reap the rewards that await.

Community Resources And Build Variations

Path of Exile is a game with a vibrant and helpful community. Take advantage of the vast array of resources available, such as forums, guides, and build showcases, to gather insights and learn from experienced players.

There may be various Oni-Goroshi build variations and optimizations that have been tested and refined by the community. Exploring different variations can provide inspiration for tweaking your own build and adapting it to your personal preferences and playstyle.

Engage with the community, ask questions, and share your own experiences to further enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the Oni-Goroshi build in Path of Exile.

Path Of Exile

Path of Exile, developed and published by Grinding Gear Games, is a free-to-play action role-playing game (ARPG) that has captivated millions of players worldwide since its initial release in 2013.

Set in the dark and gritty world of Wraeclast, the game offers a deep and immersive experience with its vast skill tree, extensive character customization, and challenging gameplay mechanics.

See latest trailer below.

Path of Exile 2 - Official Aggorat Teaser Trailer | PC Gaming Show 2023

The Dark And Engaging World Of Wraeclast

Path of Exile presents players with a grim and atmospheric world known as Wraeclast. This forsaken continent is home to a diverse range of environments, from haunted forests and barren deserts to decaying dungeons and corrupted cities.

The game's intricate lore unfolds as players explore these treacherous landscapes, encountering unique characters, daunting enemies, and engaging in morally ambiguous quests.

Unparalleled Character Customization

One of the defining aspects of Path of Exile is its skill system, which offers an unparalleled level of character customization. Instead of traditional character classes, players choose from a vast array of over 1,000 passive skills on the skill tree.

This intricate web of interconnected nodes allows for endless possibilities, enabling players to create unique and specialized builds to suit their preferred playstyle. Whether you prefer a spellcasting mage, a swift and deadly archer, or a heavily armored melee warrior, Path of Exile caters to all playstyles.

Deep And Complex Skill Gems

In addition to the passive skill tree, Path of Exile introduces an innovative system called Skill Gems. Skill Gems are items that grant active abilities, and they can be socketed into gear, allowing players to customize their character's abilities further.

These gems level up alongside the player, becoming more powerful and unlocking new effects. With the vast selection of skill gems available, players can create intricate combinations and synergies, further enhancing their playstyle and combat effectiveness.

Dynamic And Rewarding Economy

Path of Exile features a player-driven economy that is both dynamic and rewarding. Unlike many other games, there is no gold currency in Wraeclast. Instead, players trade using various in-game items as the medium of exchange.

This unique barter system promotes player interaction, negotiation, and strategic decision-making when it comes to item acquisition and progression. The game also offers an extensive crafting system, allowing players to modify and enhance their equipment to suit their needs.

Challenging And Rewarding Gameplay

The game features a variety of difficult boss encounters, labyrinthine dungeons, and challenging endgame content, providing a continuous sense of progression and accomplishment. With regular updates and expansions, Grinding Gear Games ensures that the game's content remains fresh and exciting, keeping players engaged for countless hours.

People Also Ask

What Is The Best Passive Tree Allocation For An Oni-Goroshi Build In Path Of Exile?

The best passive tree allocation for an Oni-Goroshi build depends on factors such as your chosen starting class and desired playstyle. However, prioritizing melee-oriented nodes, physical damage, critical strike chance, elemental damage, and life regeneration can greatly enhance the build's damage output and survivability.

Which Ascendancy Class Works Best With The Oni-Goroshi Build In Path Of Exile?

The Chieftain Ascendancy offers fire damage bonuses, increased life regeneration, and enhanced totem capabilities, making it a solid choice. The Slayer Ascendancy provides benefits such as increased area of effect, culling strike, and powerful leech effects, which greatly complement the build's playstyle.

For flasks, consider utilizing utility options such as Basalt Flask for physical damage reduction or Silver Flask for increased critical strike chance. As for enchantments, focus on helmet enchantments that enhance your primary skills, such as Cyclone, by providing increased area of effect, additional damage, or reduced mana cost.

Final Words

The Oni-Goroshi build in Path of Exile offers an exhilarating and powerful gameplay experience. By harnessing the fiery might of the unique Oni-Goroshi sword, players can embark on a journey filled with devastating damage, critical strikes, and survivability.

With careful gear selection, strategic passive tree allocation, and effective gameplay strategies, players can unleash the infernal power of the Oni-Goroshi build and conquer the challenges that await in the dark world of Wraeclast.

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