OPPO’s New 5G Mobile Is Coming To The UK And It’s A Game-Changer

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 31.05.19

There’s so many phones in the world that the numbers are starting to rival the amount of times Sylvester Stallone has played Rocky.

Shall I get an iPhone or a Samsung? Should I watched Rocky IV or Creed? There’s almost too much choice in the world and while variety is the spice of life, sometimes there is a right answer.

Do you want to take the best photos you can get from a camera phone? Yes. Do you want something faster than 4G? Of course. Do you want something that looks great and sets you apart from the crowd? I’m asking stupid questions now.

OPPO is already a hugely established mobile phone brand, being one of the most popular in the world and now they’re looking to build on that since coming to British shores much to our delight, since they’re some of the first people to roll out a much anticipated 5G ready smartphone.


OPPO’s newest release, the Reno 5G available exclusively on EE is a pretty exciting bit of kit, and deserves every bit of praise it’s getting. Running on a ColorOS 6 (Android 9.0 Pie) operating system, the Reno 5G more than contends with its market counterparts and when you take into consideration its other specs, surpasses even more of them.

Primarily however, though it excels at just about everything it tries, the OPPO Reno 5G specialises in photography and boasts one of the best cameras you’ve ever seen on a phone since Bret glued a camera to Jermaine’s mobile in Flight of the Conchords. Obscure reference, but let’s breeze past that…


So what’s so good about this camera, other than the really cool “shark fin” way it pops out of the main unit? I’ll tell you what…

Stood at the back of a crowd at a gig but want a good picture of the act? Worry ye nay, since the Reno 5G comes equipped with a 10x Hybrid Zoom, bringing the action closer to you.

Gigs are usually pretty dark? What if it’s not bright enough to get a good shot? Ultra Night Mode has your back there, making sure your pictures stay crisp and defined in dark and low-light environments.

The 48 megapixel camera is well and truly backed by some excellent stats and you’ll see that the pictures really speak for themselves. That’s right, the camera is so good that the pictures can speak. Okay maybe not, but if you want that, just record a video. It’s not hard.


5G is another thing that more or less explains itself. It’s one better than 4G and if you’re not into that, you probably still using Windows 95 and have an AOL email address. To put it in simple terms, 5G is estimated to have potentially 1000 times faster download speeds than 4G, which would allow you to download an entire HD film in less than a second.

OPPO also prioritises sports, believing that it connects the world in a way second-to-none (other than maybe using one of their phones), and with partnerships with the likes of FC Barcelona, Wimbledon and the French Open, OPPO have some pretty stellar credentials.


On top of that, their newest model, the aforementioned Reno 5G, is going to released in time for the 2019 ICC Mens Cricket World Cup – of whom they are also a partner – and has just launched its global #BeAShotMaker campaign, which aims to promote the expression, innovation and individuality of cricket fans in and around the game.

So yeah, there is a right answer.

Images via OPPO