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Oregon Man Found Alive Months After Being Declared Dead

Explore the baffling case of an Oregon man found alive months after being declared dead. Uncover the mystery and community reactions.

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In an astonishing turn of events, an Oregon man, Tyler Chase, has defied the odds. Oregon man found alive months after being declared dead. The perplexing case has garnered widespread attention, leaving many questioning the circumstances surrounding his declaration of death and subsequent reappearance.

The Initial Pronouncement Of Death

The narrative began when Tyler Chase was declared dead, and his family mourned his passing. The shocking newsreverberated through the community, and condolences poured in for the grieving family. The declaration of death seemed to be grounded in official processes, raising questions about how such an error could occur.

The Unexpected Revelation

Months later, the unexpected occurred - Tyler Chase was found alive. The details surrounding his reappearance remain shrouded in mystery, leaving both the family and the community grappling with a barrage of unanswered questions.

Community Reaction And Skepticism

As news of Tyler Chase being found alive spread, the community's response was a mix of relief and skepticism. How could an individual declared dead suddenly reappear, seemingly unscathed? The incredulity surrounding the circumstances is evident in the reactions of those who knew Tyler and the broader community.

Unraveling The Mystery

The case of Tyler Chase presents a puzzle that demands careful unraveling. How did the erroneous declaration of death occur? What led to Tyler's disappearance, and what circumstances facilitated his return? These questions linger, and the search for answers intensifies as the community grapples with the implications of this inexplicable turn of events.
In the aftermath of Tyler's reappearance, there is a collective call for clarification and closure. The family, the community, and the public at large are seeking a transparent account of the events that transpired, aiming to bring understanding to a situation that has left everyone bewildered.

Tyler Chase Reappearance Details And Investigations

It was a gigantic blunder. Authorities are acknowledging that they misidentified a body, and the man from Oregon who was thought to be dead is still very much alive. Check the video here.
When a family in Oregon received an urn containing the 23-year-old's ashes along with his death certificate, they assumed he had passed away. However, months later, Oregon man found alive months after being declared dead.
According to KPTV, Tyler Chase, a native of Portland, was pronounced dead by the Multnomah County medical examiner after taking too many drugs. This marked the beginning of the strange tale of resurrection.
According to the publication, Chase struggled with substance misuse and spent years living in a treatment center, cutting off touch with his family.
He had been accepted for food assistance in October, so he went to the Department of Human Services office in December to find out why his benefits were inactive.
It wasn't until his food assistance was stopped and the office informed him that he had been pronounced deceased that he realized there was an issue.
Chase stated:
They asked me to enter my Social Security and everything, and they were like, ‘All right, we’ll see if we can help you fix this. ’And then all of the sudden they start interrogating me and were like, ‘Oh can we see your ID?’ So I gave it to them and then they just looked as confused as I was and they’re like, 'Right here it says you are dead.'- Tyler Chase
According to the station, Chase's family also received a death certificate and an urn filled with ashes from a different individual, a man who was discovered dead while holding his wallet, which had reportedly been stolen from the recovery facility where he was residing.
After discovering him in the rehab facility where he is currently residing, officials acknowledged their error. Chase's wallet was discovered on the deceased man.
The wallet held his temporary driver’s license, officials said.
Chase told:
So they find a paper ID of me that’s smudged and everything and they were like, ‘That’s Tyler John Chase,’ so they put him down as me. And then they notified the family like protocol.- Tyler Chase
Then, in accordance with protocol, they informed the family, he continued.
Before the body was cremated, Chase's family refused to see it, the Multnomah County Medical Examiner's Office said to KGW.
The office wrote the source:
Although television often shows people identifying their loved ones at a Medical Examiner’s Office, in reality, most Medical Examiner’s Offices do not have viewing facilities.
Families are able to view their loved one and confirm their identity at the funeral home making the arrangements.
According to KGW, it took the office over three months to realize their error, tell the family that Chase was more than just a pile of ashes, and arrange a video chat to reconnect with him.
The deceased man's family, whose identity has not been disclosed, was also notified of his passing by officials.
“We deeply regret that the misidentification happened,”a county representative stated to KPTV.“The misidentification occurred because the deceased person was carrying Mr. Tyler Chase’s wallet and his official temporary Oregon driver’s license.”
The statement noted that the ME’s office has “launched a comprehensive review to identify any gaps in current practices and is working to implement an institutional change.
“Going forward, all individuals who are found with a temporary state-issued identification must also have fingerprints submitted for positive identification, to ensure that this will never happen again,”it added.
“Misidentification is extremely rare but has been reported in a small number of cases nationwide,”the agency told KGW in a statement.
Chase's cousin Latasha Rosales claimed that upon learning of the serious mistake, she "just lost it."
She said, “It is so hard to believe how something like this could even happen. It just makes no sense to me.”
“I can’t even imagine how they feel. Their child, their brother, their loved one was cremated. He passed away without them even being notified.” Rosales added about the other family.
Tyler Chase ashes
Tyler Chase ashes

How Are Death Declarations Officially Made And Verified?

The process of officially declaring and verifying a death involves a combination of legal, medical, and administrative procedures to ensure accuracy and reliability. The purpose of these processes is not only to record vital statistics but also to provide a basis for legal and administrative actions. Here's an overview of how death declarations are officially made and verified:

Medical Certification

The first step in the official declaration of death involves a qualified medical professional certifying the individual's demise. This certification typically occurs in a hospital or other medical setting where the person has passed away. Medical professionals, such as doctors or coroners, assess the cause and circumstances of death. In cases of natural deaths or deaths resulting from known medical conditions, this certification is relatively straightforward.

Coroner's Involvement

In instances where the cause of death is unclear, sudden, or involves suspicious circumstances, a coroner may be involved. Coroners are specialized professionals responsible for investigating and certifying deaths, particularly those that fall outside the realm of typical medical certification. Their role is crucial in cases where further inquiry is necessary before officially declaring the cause of death.
Following the medical certification, legal documentation is prepared to formalize the death declaration. This typically involves obtaining a death certificate. The death certificate includes essential information such as the deceased individual's name, date and place of death, cause of death, and the certifying medical professional's details. Legal authorities, such as the local registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, oversee the issuance of death certificates.

Registration With Government Authorities

The death certificate is then registered with the appropriate government authorities. This step ensures that the death is officially recorded in vital statistics databases. In many jurisdictions, this registration is a prerequisite for conducting legal and administrative processes related to the deceased individual, such as probate, estate settlement, and insurance claims.

Notification Of Next Of Kin

Simultaneously, the next of kin or close family members are notified of the death. This notification is often made by medical professionals, hospital staff, or law enforcement officials, depending on the circumstances of the death. It is a critical step in providing emotional support to the grieving family and ensuring that they are aware of the official declaration.

Funeral Arrangements

With the death officially declared and documented, the family proceeds with funeral arrangements. Funeral homes typically require a death certificate to facilitate burial or cremation. The certificate serves as legal documentation authorizing the disposition of the deceased individual's remains.

Verification Of Death

While the initial declaration of death involves medical certification and legal processes, the verification of death is an ongoing process that may involve additional scrutiny, especially in cases where doubts or disputes arise.
  • Autopsies and Forensic Examinations - In cases where the cause of death is unclear or contested, autopsies and forensic examinations may be conducted. These procedures aim to gather additional evidence and insights into the circumstances surrounding the death. Forensic experts and pathologists play a crucial role in providing objective analyses that contribute to the verification process.
  • Legal Challenges and Disputes - Verification of death may also become necessary in legal challenges or disputes, such as cases where individuals are presumed dead but later reappear. Legal authorities may need to reevaluate the evidence and circumstances surrounding the initial declaration to confirm or refute the death status.

Common Reasons For Mistaken Death Declarations

The occurrence of mistaken death declarations is a perplexing and rare phenomenon that can have profound consequences for individuals and their families. In exploring the intricacies of this unusual occurrence, it becomes essential to understand the common reasons behind such mistaken declarations and the ripple effects they generate.

Identification Errors

One of the primary catalysts for mistaken death declarations is the misidentification of individuals. Instances where bodies are not adequately identified or where identification processes are flawed can lead to erroneous conclusions. Mistaken identity can occur during emergencies, accidents, or natural disasters, amplifying the potential for grave errors.
The consequences of misidentifications are far-reaching, affecting not only the individuals mistakenly declared dead but also their families and communities. The emotional toll of such errors is immeasurable.

Incomplete Information

Limited or incomplete information about a person's whereabouts or well-being can contribute to premature death declarations. This can arise in cases where individuals intentionally or unintentionally sever ties with their families or communities, creating a void of information that authorities may interpret as evidence of demise.
Incomplete information challenges the ability of authorities to make accurate assessments, leading to the declaration of death without a comprehensive understanding of the individual's circumstances.
In some instances, mistaken death declarations stem from legal or administrative errors within bureaucratic systems. Paperwork mistakes, clerical errors, or miscommunication between relevant authorities can result in the erroneous recording of an individual's death.
Legal and administrative errors can be particularly challenging to rectify, requiring extensive efforts to correct records and reinstate the legal status of the individual.

Missing Persons Cases

Individuals reported as missing can be wrongly assumed to be deceased, especially if the search efforts yield no results over an extended period. Factors such as changes in appearance, relocation, or personal choices to remain off the grid may contribute to the misperception of death.
Families of missing persons face the distressing possibility of their loved ones being mistakenly declared dead, adding complexity to the already emotionally charged process of locating missing individuals.

Communication Breakdowns

Breakdowns in communication channels between relevant parties, such as law enforcement, medical professionals, and family members, can contribute to mistaken death declarations. Lack of coordination and dissemination of information can lead to premature conclusions.
Communication breakdowns exacerbate the challenges of dealing with mistaken death declarations, as correcting the error requires effective communication to rectify records and notify concerned parties.

Medical Misdiagnosis

Medical misdiagnosis, particularly in cases of severe illnesses or accidents, can result in a premature assumption of death. If medical professionals incorrectly pronounce an individual dead or make a diagnostic error, it can contribute to mistaken death declarations.
Medical misdiagnosis can have severe consequences for both the individuals involved and their families, potentially leading to unnecessary grief and distress.

Unintentional Disappearance

Individuals who unintentionally disappear from their usual environments, perhaps due to amnesia, mental health issues, or personal crises, can be mistakenly declared dead. Lack of communication about their well-being can contribute to this misunderstanding.
The unintentional disappearance of individuals adds a layer of complexity to mistaken death declarations, as understanding the circumstances surrounding their absence becomes crucial to rectifying the error.

Correcting Mistaken Death Declarations

Rectifying mistaken death declarations is a challenging process that requires collaboration between various entities, including legal authorities, medical professionals, and affected families.
Legal procedures, including reissuing identification documents and updating official records, are essential steps in correcting the errors. Additionally, families may need to navigate emotional and logistical challenges to reintegrate individuals into their lives.
Mistaken death declarations underscore the vulnerability of systems designed to record and communicate vital information. Addressing the root causes of these errors necessitates improvements in identification processes, communication protocols, and coordination between relevant entities.
As we delve into the complexities of these mistaken declarations, the imperative remains to develop comprehensive strategies that mitigate the risk of such errors and provide effective mechanisms for correction when they occur.
Tyler Chase photo in a phone
Tyler Chase photo in a phone

Oregon Man Found Alive Months After Being Declared Dead - FAQs

Who Is Tyler Chase, And Why Was He Declared Dead?

Tyler Chase is an individual from Oregon who was declared dead. The deceased person carried both his official temporary Oregon driver's license and Mr. Tyler Chase's wallet, which led to the misidentification.

What Do Community Members Think About The Oregon Man Being Found Alive After His Death Was Declared?

The community's reaction is mixed, with a combination of relief and skepticism. The baffling nature of the case has left many questioning the circumstances.

Who Was The Cremated Body That Was Mistaken For Tyler Chase?

The identification of the cremated deceased has not been made public by the department.


The case of Tyler Chase, an Oregon man found alive months after being declared dead, is an unfolding story that captures the complexities of the human experience. As investigations continue and more details emerge, the narrative will likely take unexpected turns, offering a resolution to the mystery that has gripped the community's collective consciousness.
As the facts continue to surface, the community awaits a conclusion to the tale of resilience and the inexplicable return of a man once thought lost to them.
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