‘Our Planet’ Viewers Are All Crying Over A Baby Flamingo

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, Netflix
Published 11.04.19

Every time a big nature documentary comes out, there’s always at least one clip that makes everyone cry, and one that makes them cheer.

We all remember the sea iguana from Planet Earth II, don’t we. That guy was Time’s person of the year…

And now that Our Planet‘s out, it looks like there’s a heart-wrenching moment every five minutes. It’s bizarre and very upsetting but for some reason, we can’t stop watching.

The walrus scene was particularly eye-opening for people when it comes to climate change, as we saw the effects of global warming first hand.

However it was a scene about a baby flamingo that more recently had people in floods of tears, despite it being out of humanity’s control altogether.

As a flock of flamingos walks across a salt pan, the birds must move quickly to make sure that salt doesn’t dry and solidify around their legs.

For most, this is an easy take, but for some, it can prove deadly.

Heartbreaking stuff.

When I first saw the picture I thought the baby flamingo was wearing leg warmers, but this is much worse.

People on Twitter were understandably distraught…

Nature can be cruel.

Images via Twitter, Netflix