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Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Newly Captured Shot Of Aurora Borealis In Fort Yukon Alaska

The dazzling light show in a newly captured shot of Aurora Borealis in Fort Yukon Alaska is a somewhat violent event in spite of its aesthetic splendor.

919 Different Men Within 12 Hours Duration-Lisa Sparxxx Broke The Record In 2004 For Having Sex With The Most Men In A Day

For the majority of people reading this right now, what would you feel about Lisa Sparxxx broke the record in 2004 for having sex to 919 different men? This proves that most people nowadays continuously disrespect the gift of sex given to married men and women. When deeply analyzing it, this gift allows couples to show their mutual love and affection in a natural and pleasurable way in addition to having children.

This FLOP Multifunctional Arm Chair Bed Is The Best Space-Saver Furniture So Far

We think we've discovered our new favorite multi-purpose furniture item, and it happens to be this fantastic FLOP Multifunctional Arm Chair Bed that can be transformed into a bed in seconds.

Man Creates Guide On How To Watch The Irishman As A Miniseries If You Find It Too Long

It's already being picked for Oscar triumph in 2020, thanks to a superb cast that includes old Scorsese favorites like Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, and Harvey Keitel. However, if there is one slight complaint among Netflix viewers – and it is a minor one - it is the film's relatively long run time.

This Folding Portable Grill Is Must-Have For Your Next Camping Session

With the X-Barbecue, you have a Folding Portable Grill that you can fold up and carry with you wherever you go.

This Smart Chop-Smart Cutting Board Is Best For An Advanced Kitchen

The Smart Chop Smart Cutting Board is a battery-operated all-in-one chopping board that has a built-in scale, a timer, knife sharpener, a UV-C disinfecting knife slot, and other useful functions.

This Scarf Knitting Clock Automatically Knits A Scarf In 365 Days

The scarf knitting clock is a clock that will knit a new two-meter-long scarf every year, with one stitch added to the scarf for each hour of the day. The clock will knit a new two-meter-long scarf every year.

Trans Woman Who Sued Salon Workers For Refusing To Wax Her Testicles Loses Court Cases - What Is The Law Saying?

After many waxing and cosmetic salon employees refused to wax Jessiva Yaniv's balls, the Canadian trans woman filed a human rights complaint against them a few months ago, accusing them of transphobic discrimination.

This Giant Face Mask Tote Bag Is Perfect For Nurses And Doctors

Don't allow the worldwide epidemic to get in the way of your ability to go out in style with this Giant Face Mask Tote Bag.

This New Japanese Kit-Kat Variety Party Box Is Only Available In Japan

While a lot of those flavors aren't even available in the United States, the Japanese Kit Kat company has put together a Japanese Kit-Kat Variety Party Box that contains over 20 different flavors.

This Exercise Bike Desk Lets You Burn Calories While You Work Or Read

This fantastic in-place exercise bike desk chair enables you to work out as you work, whether you require a desk or already have one.

This Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater Offers A Spectacular Ocean View

Basically, if we're excited about a watercraft, then you should be excited as well about this **Submersible Underwater Viewing Theater**, right?

The Real Story Behind The Guy You Keep Seeing In Those COVID-19 Prank Texts

For those of you who haven't heard of the well-endowed mystery man who has inspired millions of memes and even T-shirts around the world since being the topic of prank SMS purporting to deliver breaking news links on the COVID-19 pandemic, here's how it works: After tapping the link in the text or Whatsapp message, you're greeted by a beefy, naked African-American man with a big penis sat astride on a bed, giving the impression that you're reading a breaking news report on coronavirus.

This Sad Man Adjustable Wooden Lamp Shows How We Feel During Quarantine

A Sad Man Adjustable Wooden Lamp designed to seem like a human without arms, the HAITRAL Swing Arm Desk Lamp features an adjustable back and legs that allow you to place it anywhere you like in your workspace.

This Credit Card Survival Spear Is Perfect For Your Next Hunting Adventure

This astonishing credit card survival spear, on the other hand, may take the cake for being both unusual and very practical.

Portable Wooden Picnic Table Folds Into A Briefcase For Easy Transport

This Wooden Picnic Table Folds Into a Briefcase, like a picnic table that folds into a seat, can be folded all the way down to the size of a briefcase, allowing you to transport it from one location to another with ease.

Zac Efron's New Look Has Everyone Talking

Zac Efron's new style is causing a stir, and in other news, I've been ghosted twice in the previous three days. I mean, it's not like it's a surprise, is it? People think Zac Efron's new documentary series, which debuted on Netflix recently, is delectable. Of course, they do – he's an objectively attractive man.

Jack Sweeney Elon Musk Russia Stirs Dispute On Twitter By Tracking Oligarchs' Private Planes

Even though Russia was under a lot of sanctions, Jack Sweeney Elon Musk Russia discovered that oligarchs' jets were still flying every day. In the aftermath of Vladimir Putin's attack on Ukraine, a college student who tracked Elon Musk's private jet has set up a Twitter account to keep an eye on Russia's oligarchy.

How The 'Free Guy' Design Team Created Free City

The Free guy design team created free city was the first time Shawn Levy was approached to direct "Free Guy," he declined. The film is set in Free City, which is similar to the lawless, hyper-violent San Andreas of the "Grand Theft Auto" games, and stars Ryan Reynolds as Guy, a non-playable computer game character who discovers a new passion for life after falling in love with Molotov Girl.

Sam Heughan Buys £1Million Farmhouse Built In Same Year As New Series Of Outlander Is Set

SAM Heughan has purchased a luxurious farmhouse in Scotland that was built in 1775. This Sam Heughan Farmhouse Outlander news has taken the internet by storm.

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