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You Can Get Paid To Look At Puppies Pictures


Here is a way you can get paid to look at puppies pictures. ProDog Raw, a raw dog food brand located in the UK, polled 1402 people in 2021 to find out which kind of image they preferred to see on social media: a selfie or a picture of a cat or dog.

The researchers thought that briefly looking at a cute cat or dog might make people feel good because almost three-quarters of the people who took the test chose pictures of pets.

Get Paid To Look At Free Puppy Dogs Images

ProDog Raw has recruited 10 participants to get paid to look at puppies pictures. They made participants wear heart rate monitors while viewing puppy photographs at regular intervals throughout the day in order to test that theory.

A white and brown dog resting on floor
A white and brown dog resting on floor

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According to the company:

The company is looking to conduct the study after a recent survey by the brand discovered that the majority (73%) of people prefer to see a picture of a dog or cat on their social feed, rather than someone’s selfie. Each recruit will wear a heart rate monitor whilst going about their normal daily activities, with the exception of taking hourly breaks to look at a series of pre-prepared dog images. The heart rate data will then be collected and [analyzed] by a doctor to identify any key findings.- ProDog Raw

Those who are chosen must program an alarm to sound every hour so they may stop what they're doing and view a canine image that the corporation will supply. The six-hour workday can be variable.

Your stats feed into an app that you can use to give your data directly to the researchers, and the firm mails you a chest heart rate monitor to wear for the day.

They give it to a doctor, who works with them to find patterns and decide how the dog pictures are making people feel.

You simply need to set an alarm to go off every hour for a total of six straight hours. You stop what you're doing and look at a picture of a dog when it happens. Participants won't have to perform this gig for free, even though many individuals would probably agree. You can get a wholesome amount.

People Also Ask

Which Things Are Necessary To Part In ProDog Raw Contest?

Any underlying medical disorders, such as high blood pressure or arrhythmia, cannot be present in participants. Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 60, have access to social media, have a desk job, and utilize the internet.

What Does ProDog Raw Company Do?

With an expanding selection of top-notch ingredients of the highest human grade, ProDog Raw is a firm that produces raw dog food and "champions healthier lifestyles and diets for dogs." Its primary objective is to increase public awareness of the risks that highly processed foods pose to dogs.

How Much Can You Get After Participating In ProDog Raw Contest?

You will get 20 euros ($27 per hour) for participating in the ProDog Raw contest.


You can get paid to look at puppies pictures, a program offered by ProDog Raw in 2021. The 10 lucky individuals selected by ProDog Raw can receive about $28 every hour (or about $167 for the entire day).

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