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Palestinian Gunmen ‘Fortified’ Jenin Mosque, Dug Tunnel Underneath


Palestinian gunmen ‘fortified’ Jenin mosque, dug tunnel underneath. This action has raised concerns and drawn the attention of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

IDF has discovered that the mosque in question was fortified by Palestinian gunmen. The report suggests that the gunmen used sandbags and other materials to strengthen the mosque's structure, turning it into a defensive position.

Palestinian gunmen ‘fortified’ Jenin mosque, dug tunnel underneath. The tunnel was reportedly used to move weaponry, equipment, and potentially individuals discreetly. This finding raises concerns about the potential use of such tunnels for illegal activities, including arms smuggling or facilitating the movement of militants.

Following a confrontation with Palestinian militants in the neighborhood, Israeli soldiers took possession of the al-Ansari mosque on Monday afternoon (July 3, 2023), as part of a large counterterrorism operation against the Jenin refugee camp.

The IDF claimed it launched a drone strike against the armed Palestinians outside the mosque before breaking in.

Troops discovered two tunnel holes on the ground level, which the army claimed were linked. Explosives, firearms, and other military gear were discovered within the holes and spread throughout the mosque.

According to the IDF, the equipment was confiscated, the weapons were destroyed, and the tunnel was made useless.

Early Monday (July 3, 2023), Israel launched a huge operation to crack down on what it claims is a hotspot of terror in the city. In recent years, Palestinians from the area have carried out a number of attacks on Israelis, and analysts say the Palestinian Authority has little control on the ground.

The IDF operation has targeted the Jenin Battalion, a local wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group, as well as other smaller armed groups in the city and refugee camp.

Over 1,000 IDF forces appeared to be involved in the campaign, which appeared to be the largest in the West Bank in over 20 years.

Thousands of people stumbled through the Jenin refugee camp in the dead of night, guiding each other through the twisted metal, churned-up concrete, and spent ammunition littering the streets during a lull in Operation Home and Garden, Israel's biggest offensive in the West Bank in 20 years.

Israel 'Invades' Jenin: Watch Dramatic Footage of Palestinian Gunmen Battling Israeli Army

Videos of the streams of people fleeing to safety on Monday night were widely shared by Palestinians on social media, where they were compared to images of the Nakba, the expulsion of the Arab population from the newly formed state of Israel in 1948.

According to Palestinian health sources, ten Palestinians were murdered and at least 100 others were injured, including 20 in critical condition, after Israeli airstrikes and clashes with Israeli soldiers the day before.


Palestinian gunmen ‘fortified’ Jenin mosque, dug tunnel underneath. It is likely that the discovery of the fortified mosque and the tunnel would prompt the IDF to take appropriate measures. These measures might include further investigations, increased security measures, and potentially dismantling the fortifications and sealing the tunnel.

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