“Panic Buyers” Are Queuing Around Supermarket Car Parks Waiting For Stores To Open

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford in News, UK, Weird
Published 21.03.20

Footage of “panic buyers” queuing around supermarket car parks in the early hours of the morning has emerged online – and it’ll make you facepalm

If you were in one of these queues this week, with the intention of buying dozens and dozens of packets of toilet roll and/or food you don’t plan to eat for weeks and weeks, you need to get a grip.

Right now.

We’re living in highly unusual, desperate times and that’s making people very nervous – that’s okay. We’re all allowed to be nervous right now. But hoovering the nation’s supermarket shelves clean – and in turn, leaving the vulnerable exposed and truly desperate – isn’t helping anyone.

Stay the f**k at home and buy what you and your family needs, not what you think you might need in July.

General view of empty shelves at a Tesco superstore in London, yesterday.

Right, PSA over.

Unbelievable scenes filmed and snapped at various supermarkets across the nation – Tesco and Tesco Extra stores, especially – in the early hours of the last few few mornings prove that a huge chunk of the nation isn’t listening to the endless pleas to not f*cking “panic buy” in response to the elevation of the coronavirus threat.

Images of hundreds of  eager, senseless shoppers queuing outside various Tesco stores in the early hours of the morning have being doing the rounds of Twitter this week.

Some of the footage even shows panic buyers queuing in the hundreds around car parks.

You get the idea.

I’ve seen similar scenes at Thorpe Park in the peak of summer, but at least there’s some sort of purpose at the end of that queue. This is just illogical and selfish.

According to reports, the shelves of a Tesco Extra store in Hampton, Peterborough were cleared by 6am this morning. Similar scenes were reportedly seen at an Aldi in South London and a Sainsbury’s in Walton-On-Thames.

Many supermarkets across the UK were left with empty shelves this week, with frantic shoppers spending an extra £60million on “stockpiling essentials” as the nationwide COVID-19 scare heightened to new levels this week.

If you still need some convincing, give this a watch…

So yeah, if you’ve manage to buy dozens and dozens of toilet rolls recently, leaving your local NHS workers/elderly without a single f*cking roll, here’s hoping you get the violent sh*ts this weekend.

At least then you can put them all to use. 

Images via Twitter and Getty