It’s no secret that babies are clumsy.

I mean it’s no secret that adults can be clumsy, like putting diesel in your petrol car or reboiling the kettle even though it’s just boiled…

As I was saying, babies are clumsy and therefore people have gone to unique lengths to protect the little demons with a fancy product.


A brand new baby clothing item can be purchased from Amazon which protects your baby from a head injury. The protective outfit features a small, cushiony head rest that fits around the back of the head; the idea being that if the child falls, they’ll hopefully be cushioned by the cushiony round thing.

The item can be bought on Amazon and comes in a variety of designs. Such designs include a bee, ladybird and angel wings of varying different colours.


After scouring Amazon, the ones I found were priced at £10.59. It seems a bit pricey to me but I guess you can’t put a price on safety and you’ll be comforted knowing that your little ball of snot will be the talk of the mummy mafia meetings.

The backpack has proven popular with parents judging by the Amazon reviews.

One user said “I didn’t use it yet but it seemed good and cute”, proving that its looks are its main attraction.

Another said “Loved this, & my son loves it too”.


The item isn’t without its flaws though as it is also said that the “arm straps come loose when he plays”.

Side note, write before finishing this article I found a pretty cool Iron Man design.

One thing I noticed, is anyone going to mention how lame the designs are (except Iron Man). Yes they’re cutesy and happy, but where’s the tiger? Where’s the bat? Instead of a bee, how about a more ferocious Asian Giant Hornet which kills about 40 people a year?


I personally don’t see what’s wrong in just letting the child run free without this product. Centuries of babies have made it without a foam circle tacked to their heads.

Besides, it’s not like we send them up chimneys anymore.