Parents Using Snapchat Filter To Make Kids Think Spiders Are Crawling On Their Faces

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Published 04.11.19

Parents are using a Snapchat filter to make their kids think spiders are crawling over their faces

And people are not happy about it

What’s not to love about a Snapchat filter? They make you look sexy and creative at the same time. It’s social magic that makes me seem far more interesting that I am in a single snap. Naturally, I’m the first to jump on the new Snapchat filter train; if they release one on a Monday morning, that’s pretty much me for the rest of the day (sorry, boss).

*But look how pretty I am now*


I’m pretty basic (I think I’ve given that away already), so I was a big fan of that filter that aged your face. It cured my baby face for a hot minute and I loved.

Some filters are hilariously inventive, others are sheer technological genius, while some are – apparently – emotionally scarring.

Spider app scaring children

Halloween may be over, but the spider filter (which has been seriously trending online over the last couple of days) is causing some post-Halloween frights on the internet. For those who don’t use Snapchat, this Snapchat filter makes it look like terrifying spiders are crawling all over your face. So if you do suffer from arachnophobia, either leave this page or take a deep breath, ’cause there is so much spider chat ahead.

Over the Halloween period, the filter began to trend online as many parents used it on their unsuspecting children and then posted their genuinely terrified reactions online. Here are a few examples.


Did you laugh? You’re a bad person.

I mean so did I at first, as did plenty of other social media users over the weekend. We can all be bad people together.

I have to say, I’m somewhat undecided about this parental trend. I do feel bad for the kids in some of these videos; they literally do not understand what they are looking at – all their little brains are telling them is: “Holy f*cking sh*t! There are f*cking spiders on my *f*cking face.” And their parents/family members are responsible for unleashing this distress on them? That doesn’t seem cool to me; it seems like these parents are just helping to create a new generation of arachnophobics.


And I’m not the only one struggling with this moral dilemma. Lots of social media users are seriously unhappy with this unusual trend.

I don’t know the first thing about parenting. Honestly, I’ve had one pet – a fish called Fish – and it died within 48 hours under my care. But even I’m pretty sure sh*t like this counts as bad parenting. If you’re purposefully making your kid cry – knowing that something like this will genuinely scare them – for a few likes and retweets, then you should probably check yourself for a minute. You know your kids better than anyone, ‘rents – if they can handle the joke, fine, if they can’t, then don’t be a d*ck.


Try the filter on an adult instead. It’s way funnier on an adult.

There you go – you can laugh without feeling guilty now.


Choices, parents. Choices.Β 

Images via Twitter and Snapchat