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Paris Thief Throws Away Keys After Finding Out That The Car Is In Singapore


It's no secret that Paris, France, has developed a reputation as a major hub for pickpocketing in Europe but a kinda funnypickpocket incident happened. A Paris thief throws away keys after finding out that the car is in Singapore.

When did this happen? This happened on September 6, 2022.

Paris thief throws away keys after finding out that the car is in Singapore. This happened to Singaporean TikTok user @eclair travels. In a TikTok video, he describes how the Apple AirTag he had attached to his car keys helped him locate the stolen object, with the would-be burglar buzzing it to check where his prized Lexus was.

But the automobile wasn't even in France, let alone Paris. Back home in Singapore, it was still there. When a pickpocket opened the front pouch of the Singaporean's backpack and stole the car keys, he was busy taking pictures of a building. It took @eclair travels nine minutes to realize that his car keys had been taken.

My keys were on the move, dude was probably beeping [the Apple AirTag] everywhere to find and rob my car.

the TikTok user explains.

To locate and loot his car, the person was presumably beeping everywhere with the Apple AirTag. The car wasn't even on the same continent as the pickpocket, which he was unaware of. The Singaporean made the decision to go to the police station first, even though it was a weekday and the station appeared to be closed.

A map showing car in Singapore; A man holding car keys
A map showing car in Singapore; A man holding car keys

The Apple AirTag tracking feature on his iPhone helped him find the Tuileries Garden after going on a "wild goose chase" in the process. Surprise, surprise, his iPhone found his keys nearby. Most likely, the pickpocket gave up after failing to locate the car. Where did he put the keys, then?

Of course, in a trash can, since leaving trash around is terrible for the environment. According to @eclair travels,

Dude couldn't find the car and just threw it to the bottom of the bin. Saved me a thousand-plus dollars to replace, and three-to-four days of servicing and pairing #miracle.

How To Prevent Pickpocketing In Paris?

Here are some pointers to help you travel comfortably and securely while on vacation in Paris, or anywhere else for that matter:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings, particularly in crowded areas.
  • Pickpockets frequently operate in groups, so one member may try to divert your attention by appearing as another tourist or asking questions while another member of the group tries to steal your belongings.
  • Be watchful of your personal items, particularly your wallet and phone. Always keep an eye on your most prized possessions.
  • Stay focused by not texting while walking.
  • Never leave your baggage unattended when sightseeing and, if possible, carry it in front of you.
  • For sightseeing, crossbody bags typically work well.


Paris thief throws away keys after finding out that the car is in Singapore and the owner got his keys back too.

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