Paul Rudd has taken the time to speak to his “generation” and explain the importance of wearing masks.

For many people, Paul Rudd is a figure that brings joy both in his roles as well as his off-screen personality. Recently, the star took the time to address a serious topic for the state of New York with the support of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. To speak to Millennials Paul Rudd, aged 51, addressed the topic with a lot of misused terms and ultimately created a tongue in cheek reminder that wearing masks saves lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The sketch does take a moment to emphasise the importance and simplicity of wearing a mask before returning to its comedic tone. Reception to this video has largely been positive and it seems that Rudd can still connect with the youth of today.

However, the joke did not land for everyone. Some felt that Paul Rudd was representing the wrong generation with his euphemisms and others fired back with their own opinion on masks.

Most people seem to have got the joke and some may consider wearing a mask after this fun video. However, the clip does seem to have angered some individuals who do not believe the scientific evidence behind mask-wearing.

Here’s hoping Paul Rudd can be the young voice of Gen Z as well.